Part two

Nitai talks about French cut while discussing the attitudes of people from different corners of his life. He also compiles a “zagat guide” of anything and everything (and I mean it!) that you want to know about Kolkata.

India genie will not be outdone in the review and recommend department, so he presents a mouth-watering post reviewing the various food offerings in Bangalore’s finest places.

Pagalguy explains how the recent farce at Formula One was really Michelin’s fault and wonders why people seem to be blaming Ferrari in the situation.

Nilu talks about “status quo” and makes you want to argue with him, think further about his points and pull your hair out at the same time in his inimitable way.

I like programming and the entire hectic schedule of the development world. Don’t get me wrong, but I even enjoy the hurry and the adrenaline rush of meeting a deadline and the joy of a job well-done. If I didn’t have to work for a living though, I wouldn’t probably choose to do this everyday. Not all of us are as lucky as Navin Harish, it seems :)

Surya, oops Nanopolitan, on the other hand is concentrating on languages and thinks that should be taught as many languages as possible in their early years, since they pick them up easily at that age.

Greatbong completely disembowels an educational institution in Mumbai and a few others that are trying to deflect the blame for bad education from poor standards to skimpy dresses on female students.

Speaking of female students, here is a man after my own heart - a feminist!

Enjoy, folks!

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