Mela for one, Mela for all!

Wow! I am just so blown away by some of the posts nominated for today’s Mela. There is something for everyone in this - sit back and enjoy the ride!

Saket wonders about the nature of God and how he relates with nature and the universe in this thought-provoking post.

Anand has another beautiful entry that talks about forced evacuations and the Bengal tigers of the Sundarbans. Very different!

Neelakantan muses on the way traditions start out in India, grow into habits and then evolve into lucrative businesses.

Shivam Vij is amazed by the Dilliwallahs’ diversity and their ability to tell where you are from just by looking at you and talking to you.

Navin Harish is hoping for “Bugger Off”, something that would scare away pesky salesmen/women who refuse to take “no” for an answer - I am with you here, Navin!

Charu laments the change of Bombay into Mumbai - not just by name, but by nature as well.

Rahul on the other hand experiences an un-Bombay-like day at the Juhu and loves it.

Abhishek has an interesting story about a student and his chance meeting with a cobbler that makes him think…

Abinandanan has an excellent comparison between IITs and other engineering colleges in India - he discusses the problems besetting the other organizations and has a few suggestions for improvement. He also points out and congratulates a few high-flying women in the finance filed.

Harini points out the new face of rape in India - rape in India is not new, but ways in which it is being handled by the courts seem to not help either…

Surya has lots of information about meeting and greetiing people from around the world. Fascinating and fun!

Jabberwock wants more Indian comic strips - I wonder why there aren’t more…I am guessing it could be our love for slapstick over subtle humor…who knows!

Avinash posts his picks for the World XI to play and win against Australia. I haven’t watched a cricket match in ages, but he still sucked me in.

Jitendra has thoughts about marriage in India and …polygamy in Nigeria. Boys - always looking for a way to get more women around you!

Uspeed has an excellent analysis of cultural context and how it influences what a society tolerates and what it will not in the public.

Hammer Sickle critiques a 3-hour documentary made by a gentleman called Rakesh Sharma on the Gujarat riots.

Charu talks here about the slow and painful process of trying to bring about social change and awareness in a community. I agree with a lot of what was said.

Vulturo has a great memory and proceeds to recall humorous events involving his hood friends and teachers - very funny and will have you thinking back to a few experiences of your own :)

Sriram has a fine rant about the hypocricy and short-sightedness of environmentalists. Sriram, they really do care about everything other than people ;)

Tony Gill has a eulogy for his mom on Mothers’ Day! Beautifully written!

Patrix got to attend the Blog Nashville event where he got to hang out with the blogging world’s celebrities and tries to make us jealous impress us bring to us the entire experience a series of posts.

Amit is really into astrology…or cows(?!) of course, being who he is, he jumps right into a deep discussion about human nature and public policy. Chandrahas, Amit’s co-blogger talks here about the author Orhan Pamuk and how he gives us a vision of Istanbul in the novel, My Name is Red.

This is a first for the Mela, but this post does deal with the hypersensitivity of Hindus and Indians, so I think it is very appropriate for inclusion.

That is all the we have, folks! It was a fine mela and I am glad to have had a chance to read all the posts mentioned above. Amit Varma is going to be hosting the next one, so drop your nominations off to him.