Men and Women?

In the first letter in the link below, I see something good - The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Alarming - I see a woman who wants to protect herself and not rely on someone else to do it or even intimidated in the face of what is going on around her. I agree with the sentiments of the person who sent the link to me - I wish there were more like her.

Of course, before I celebrate too much, there is the usual clich-ridden letter right below by a man who blames the growing incidences of rape on poverty, frustration…everything but on the people who do it and the society which enables them by not punishing the perpetrators harshly enough and by blaming the victim. Typical, should I say?

Just in case I am not a jittery, nervous fool scared about undertaking a 24-hour-flight to India with my toddler (aka little monster by those who really know him) in my lap all by myself, Ravi points me to this post of his about the exact same airline and the flight I am about to take to Mumbai - Stranded in snowing Schiphol. Heartless, I say!

Still, just in case I do make it alive to Mumbai, I am planning to meet up the gang (aka cartel by those who really know them) on Sunday for breakfast before I take off for Vizag. See ya’ll there :)