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Subtask / Child task numbering

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Pooshon Banerjee Pooshon Banerjee Topic creator registered since: 15.09.2011 Posts: 31
Written on: 18.01.2012 | 07:20

I was wondering if todoyu offers outline numbering, I tried in many ways but could not achieve.

Let me explain:

There is a task and the number assigned by the tool to that task is 5.5 (5 being the project number).
Now I add a child task to this task, so the number I expected was 5.5.1 but instead of that it became 5.6.

Same is with containers, adding tasks to the container does not change the numbering style.

Please suggest, if it is possible.


Kay Stenschke Kay Stenschke registered since: 27.11.2009 Posts: 135
Written on: 18.01.2012 | 09:22
Hi Pooshon,
i agree that the way of numbering you're suggesting might add to making the task hierarchy more clear, but than the option of moving tasks from one parent (inside the same project) into another one would have to be removed.
The numbering system of todoyu is a compromise- the first digit does in fact stand for the project (as this mostly does not change anymore), the task number digit is just an enumerated number- this way we're granting task numbers being static per project, meaning a task number of a project, communicated e.g. in an email is garanteed to stay the same in the future.

Greetings, Kay

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