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Keep track of your company - todoyu is your cockpit

Keep the overview

Keep an eye on things you have to focus on by using the innovative filtering system in todoyu. Filters, also know as "saved searches", help you to separate relevant from non relevant information.

  • Keep the overview of ongoing projects
  • See which tasks are delayed
  • See who is working on which task

You define what you want to see at what moment!

Keep a clear head

Everyday dozens of things to do and to remember? You know Getting Things Done? todoyu is based on this principle. Use todoyu: Assign tasks, schedule them and forget them until you have to take action.This will not only alleviate the feeling of overwhelm, but also bring more structure and planning reliability. Give it a try!


Keep the money where it is...

... in your pocket. This professional open source project management system is free. Download it: No initial costs and completly licence free. Or use our professional services.


Got curious about todoyu?

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