Content - Track your time spending on a task is simple - control the tracked time in your personal time sheet

Time Tracking

  • Using todoyu's time tracking feature, you can record the time spent on each task. To start the timing session, click on the desired task and press the start button in the time tracking section. Use the stop button to end the session.

    Time sheet

    All time tracked on a day will show as time sheet in the top-level tab PORTAL. Also you can check the time tracking journal for working hours on past days and months by clicking on the Show Time Sheets button. Select the month in the pull-down menu of the journal and choose Show Details to see not only days but also tasks by day.

  1. Track every hour you spend. Know exactly how much you and co-workers have spent for doing the job.

  2. Your daily time sheet. That's what you have done so far today.

  3. Need to know more? The journal knows it all. Get a monthly report and scroll back in time. Also you can export the time sheets data.

  4. To see how much time is left for the completion, click on the time-tracking icon.

Overview of features presented in this tour

  • Portal
    • Central starting point
    • Overview of planned work
    • Access your individual filters
    Projects and Tasks
    • Create and manage projects
    • Add and assign tasks
    • Task bookmarks
    Team Collaboration
    • Communicate in tasks
    • Share files
  • Time Tracking
    • Daily time sheet
    • Monthly working journal
    Group Calendar
    • Add calendar events
    • Filter by teams or staff
    • Time zones and public holidays
    • Company addresses
    • Address book of persons
  • Reporting
    • Powerful reports in real time
    • Get the complete insight in your projects
    Saved Search
    • Create a search and save as filter
    Client Access
    • Give clients access to the teamwork
    • User rights and roles
    Open Source
    • todoyu is completly open source
    • no licence costs
    • extend it to your needs

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