Content - Use todoyu to create professional reports in real time directly out of your project data


  • The powerful reporting module grants you a thorough insight into your daily project management business. No matter if you need a birds eye overview over all your running projects or if you need to gain a deep and detailed insight into a specific project - todoyu delivers all your wanted data in real time.

    Your advantages

    Since the reporting module is fully integrated in todoyu you can benefit from the following advantages:

    • Calculate how much time you offered for your work and how much time you spent for finishing it. Use your tracked times to keep track of this in real time.
    • Find out which projects outperform, which are running bad and where you have to take immediate action. Use the billing module together with the reporting module to gain insight.
    • Know who is tracking how many hours on a project.

    Need more information and calculations about your project? Create your own report or let us support you! We extend the palette of reports steadily - maybe your favorite one is already available?

    Charts and visualization

    All the charts used in the reporting framework are rendered with Highcharts. Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application.

Overview of features presented in this tour

  • Portal
    • Central starting point
    • Overview of planned work
    • Access your individual filters
    Projects and Tasks
    • Create and manage projects
    • Add and assign tasks
    • Task bookmarks
    Team Collaboration
    • Communicate in tasks
    • Share files
  • Time Tracking
    • Daily time sheet
    • Monthly working journal
    Group Calendar
    • Add calendar events
    • Filter by teams or staff
    • Time zones and public holidays
    • Company addresses
    • Address book of persons
  • Reporting
    • Powerful reports in real time
    • Get the complete insight in your projects
    Saved Search
    • Create a search and save as filter
    Client Access
    • Give clients access to the teamwork
    • User rights and roles
    Open Source
    • todoyu is completly open source
    • no licence costs
    • extend it to your needs

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