Content - Project and task management with todoyu is easy and powerful

Projects & Tasks

  • The top-level tab PROJECTS is used to view and manage your projects. As in PORTAL, you can filter projects using the available filter options. The search can help you to quickly find a specific project.

    Create a project

    Creating a project in todoyu is rather straightforward. Click on the Create icon at the top and choose New Project. Provide the mandatory information such as project title and description, start and end dates, and a customer. Then assign the project to a specific user, if necessary. Hit Save and you are done.

    Add a task

    Adding tasks is equally easy. Click on the Create icon and choose New Task. Fill in the required fields, including the task's status, owner and estimated workload. If you want to make the task visible for all users, tick the Task is Public checkbox. Press Save and add the task.

  1. Search for projects and get a list of results. Depending on the filters you have selected, the list of projects will update.

  2. Projects can be in different status: planning, in progress, done, cleared, in warranty. Choose which one you want to see.

  3. The same for tasks. Choose one or more task status to customize your list of tasks for the project you have selected.

  4. The project tab shows the 3 most recent used projects. Very handy to quickly access your latest projects.

  5. The task list. It can be organized in containers for a better overview. Also sub-tasks are fine. You have the complete control over the arrangement.

  6. This opened task shows all the details, e.g. start date, deadline, assigned co-worker, estimated time and more.

  7. A right-mouse-click to a task will show all you can do: edit, copy, move, change status, add to bookmarks, start time tracking... to name just a few.

Overview of features presented in this tour

  • Portal
    • Central starting point
    • Overview of planned work
    • Access your individual filters
    Projects and Tasks
    • Create and manage projects
    • Add and assign tasks
    • Task bookmarks
    Team Collaboration
    • Communicate in tasks
    • Share files
  • Time Tracking
    • Daily time sheet
    • Monthly working journal
    Group Calendar
    • Add calendar events
    • Filter by teams or staff
    • Time zones and public holidays
    • Company addresses
    • Address book of persons
  • Reporting
    • Powerful reports in real time
    • Get the complete insight in your projects
    Saved Search
    • Create a search and save as filter
    Client Access
    • Give clients access to the teamwork
    • User rights and roles
    Open Source
    • todoyu is completly open source
    • no licence costs
    • extend it to your needs

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