Content - The portal is your central starting point in todoyu - take control and action

Portal - Your Cockpit

  • The portal is your central starting point. Here you have the complete overview of your current and planned work. This is also the place where you usually access your individual filters - one of the core features of todoyu.

  1. Top-level tabs let you access portal, projects, calendar, contacts an search with a single mouse click.

  2.  todoyu features powerful filtering capabilities that helps you to keep tasks and projects in consumable levels, and also quick to access.

  3. Using the todoyu time-tracking functionality, you can start and stop timing sessions as well as keep track of the time spent on each task. The journal knows all about your work in the past.

  4. Use the bookmarks to quickly access tasks you often work on.

  5. The listing on the portal includes: My Filter, To Do's, Feedback and My Appointments. It's your cockpit for access all key information of your duties, manage projects and collaborate with your team members.

  6. The header icons contain lots of useful functions for your daily use of todoyu: search, time-tracking status, create quick task, new, administration, user profile and logout.

Overview of features presented in this tour

  • Portal
    • Central starting point
    • Overview of planned work
    • Access your individual filters
    Projects and Tasks
    • Create and manage projects
    • Add and assign tasks
    • Task bookmarks
    Team Collaboration
    • Communicate in tasks
    • Share files
  • Time Tracking
    • Daily time sheet
    • Monthly working journal
    Group Calendar
    • Add calendar events
    • Filter by teams or staff
    • Time zones and public holidays
    • Company addresses
    • Address book of persons
  • Reporting
    • Powerful reports in real time
    • Get the complete insight in your projects
    Saved Search
    • Create a search and save as filter
    Client Access
    • Give clients access to the teamwork
    • User rights and roles
    Open Source
    • todoyu is completly open source
    • no licence costs
    • extend it to your needs

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