Content - Collaborate with your team - share documents, tasks, comments, dates

Team Collaboration

  • Each task is assigned either to yourself or to one of your team members.
    To efficiently collaborate on a task it can have one or more comments as well as assets.

    Add comment to a task

    To comment on the currently selected task, open up the details of the task by clicking on it. Beside the description, status information, deadline, estimated workload also three tabs will show at the bottom. Switch to the Add Comment section where you can write a comment as well as request feedback from a specific user and send the comment also via email. To make the comment public, tick the Comment is visible to all members of ths project checkbox.

    Attach a file

    In the Add Asset section you can attach files and documents to the currently selected task. You can add as many files as you like, and you can hide individual items from the customer. Using the Download Selection button, your project member can download multiple files in one go.

  1. The feedback tab knows how many comments are waiting for your reaction.

  2. Each task has a comments tab. The number shows how many comments already exist.

  3. Add a new comment for your co-worker or client by hitting this button.

  4. The list of comments. No more messy e-mail threads. All you need to know and communicate in just one place.

  5.  todoyu can also do file sharing. Add all kinds of digital assets to a task. Your co-workers and clients can then download them (if you allow).

Overview of features presented in this tour

  • Portal
    • Central starting point
    • Overview of planned work
    • Access your individual filters
    Projects and Tasks
    • Create and manage projects
    • Add and assign tasks
    • Task bookmarks
    Team Collaboration
    • Communicate in tasks
    • Share files
  • Time Tracking
    • Daily time sheet
    • Monthly working journal
    Group Calendar
    • Add calendar events
    • Filter by teams or staff
    • Time zones and public holidays
    • Company addresses
    • Address book of persons
  • Reporting
    • Powerful reports in real time
    • Get the complete insight in your projects
    Saved Search
    • Create a search and save as filter
    Client Access
    • Give clients access to the teamwork
    • User rights and roles
    Open Source
    • todoyu is completly open source
    • no licence costs
    • extend it to your needs

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