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Your todoyu Cloud

We run software as service for several years now. So choosing our services will finally help you to concentrate on your business while we concentrate on our business: We know what our strength are and we focus on this.

  1. snowflakehosting stands for security:
    Only constantly updated software can guarantee secure service. Not only do we install the current security updates from Debian, Apache, PHP and MySQL, but we can also assure that your todoyu installation will always run with the latest security updates.

  2. snowflakehosting stands for stability:
    We don't use cheap servers. Instead, for web servers we only employ brand-name servers (e.g. HP ProLiant DL360 x2.33 G5, Quad Core).

  3. snowflakehosting stands for competence:
    We specialize in todoyu hosting. Together with a team of server administrators and supporters we assure the greatest security and optimal support.

  4. snowflakehosting stands for virtualization:
    Our servers are continuously virtualized and thus, even in case of a complete server failure, we can transport your installation onto a reserve system within a reasonable period of time.

  5. snowflakehosting stands for redundancy:
    All relevant components are redundantly constructed: hard-drives with RAID 1/5, electricity with doubled power supplies, multiply-redundant connections to a backbone, your data with a daily backup.

  6. snowflakehosting stands for monitoring:
    our servers are monitored by Nagios, so we are always up-to-date and able to react quickly to problems.

  7. snowflakehosting stands for individuality:
    snowflakehosting is not a host for the masses. It is our pleasure to meet your particular needs.

  8. snowflakehosting stands for support:
    An entire team of competent support staff are available to help our clients. Together with our server administrators, first and second-level supporters are also available during business hours.

  9. snowflakehosting stands for Swiss quality:
    All servers are located in computer centers in Zurich, Switzerland where a professional and meticulous infrastructure permits us to offer you highest-quality hosting products.

  10. snowflakehosting stands for ecology:
    The operation of a server requires large amounts of electricity and is thus a great producer of CO2. When you host with snowflakehosting you automatically support a Swiss climate protection project – at no additional cost.

Who is snowflake?

snowflake is dedicated to high quality open source products. That's one of the reasons why our claim is "Premium Open Source". We want to bring high quality software to you. We do that sucessfully for our customers for more than 10 years. And we will continue our work.

You can find us in the heart of Zurich/Switzerland:

snowflake productions gmbh
Birmensdorferstrasse 94
8003 Zurich

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