Content - System Requirements: What you need to run this task and project managemet software

System requirements

todoyu does not need any special setup of your environment. Anyway you should check the following requirements to make sure you can use todoyu without trouble.

  • todoyu runs on all common operating systems: Linux, Windows, Apple, Unix.
  • A modern browser is required to use todoyu. We recommend a current version of Firefox or Chrome. But we know it also runs smooth on the current versions of Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and higher, Opera 10 and higher.
  • Since we use quite a bit of JavaScript we recommend a relatively modern computer (not older than 4 years).
  • As server software we mainly use todoyu on Apache and ngnix. IIS is also supported. Other servers have not been tested yet.
  • Middleware: you need at least PHP version 5.2.5. It also runs on PHP 5.3
  • Database: MySQL 5.
  • Hardware: With a standard web server setup you will be happy. Make sure you have some modern CPU and at least 256 MB RAM. As with all database-driven applications, more RAM is advisable though.
    Version 2.0.7 only takes about 28 MB web space. So you will not need much web space for the core. Depending on how intense you want to use todoyu to store files the needed web space will increase dramatically.
  • Web server module: Make sure mod_rewrite is supported and installed.
  • UTF8: todoyu is an international product and supports all kind of languages. So make sure your environment als supports multibyte (UTF8).
  • Make sure mbstring() is installed in PHP.

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