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Currently there is not that much documentation about todoyu. Sorry, we focussed on the technical and not that much on the human part. Anyway we think with the help of the quick start guide you will have a pretty smooth start.

For the technical guys among you we have quite some information - have a closer look at the complete AP documentation (automatically generated)

A very good starting point for understanding the techniques in todoyu use our (not so) complete online documentation.

Quick Start Guide

This document shows you in a first step how to create the necessary data needed to start working effectively with todoyu. In a second step, a quick start guide will help you to create your very first project with tasks.

We offer for download a PDF and an Open Office Document for all those who want to translate the manual in their preferred language. If you have a translated Quick Guide, please feel free to share it with us.


Within the blog you can find various todoyu related articles about different topics. The topics are spanning from general todoyu informations, community news announcements, further information about extensions and more. If you're interested in learning more about the tits and bits of using todoyu the articles tagged with "howto" are especially interesting for you.

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Your help is appreciated

We know that there is a lack of documentation. So your help is very much appreciated. Support the project by documenting.

You are more the technical oriented guy? No problem, there is plenty of room to contribute to this project.

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