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Ways to get involved

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the project! You are very important for todoyu and its future. Also you are the strong force behind many of the improvements to the code and the community itself. Please understand also the todoyu ecosystem, business model and the open source commitment.

There are several areas in which you can contribute:

  • User support

    Learning to code for a new software can be challenging. And it's always nice to have a helping hand, specially for the start. Maybe someone has helped you also at some point along the way. Now, you can give back by sharing what you know. And who knows... by helping you might learn something, too!

    Create a todoyu account.
    Dig into the message board.
    Comment the blog.
    Tweet about @todoyu by using hashtag #todoyu.


    todoyu supports several languages, from Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, German, Russian to Nihon-go (Japanese). Do you know another language? Your skills are required to translate the labels and user interface of todoyu.

    Find out how to start the translation.

    Report Bugs

    Have explored todoyu in-depth and found things that shouldn't be? Or found a way certain things could be improved? Share with todoyu's community your findings to improve it even further.

    Found a bug? Report it by creating a new ticket.
    See the list of reports.


    todoyu is looking for developer companions to contribute their extensions for todoyu but also assist on the core. Collaborate in the development helps todoyu move forward even more quickly. Also it is a good way to ensure that todoyu can do what you need it to do for your project management!

    Get the newest code contribution by SVN.
    Conact us to include your code contribution.

  • Documentation

    Whether you're interested in providing documentation, writing a tutorial, do a step-by-step video introduction or show people how you use todoyu, you can help expanding todoyu's documentation and provide your valuable teaching to the community.

    Find here the documentation material.
    Send us your creations to add.


    Have an eye for details? You can help todoyu with testing and bug reports. Well tested software by as many people as possible contributes to the stability, and is an excellent way for people of all backgrounds to make a contribution to the project. No need to be a skillful developer to report a software bug.

    Download the source code.
    Get the newest contributions from the SVN.
    Report your testing results.

    Donate or Sponsor

    Have no time but still want to help? Or want to submit a "thank you" to the fellows who have put hard work into making todoyu what it is today? Want to extend todoyu with a new feature and sponsor its development? Consider a monetary donation or a feature sponsorship. For Donations please use the button to the left and you'll get listed here.

    Get in contact to sponsor a feature.


    Go to an open source conference, setup a community booth, present todoyu to the crowd, put your design skills into a poster and market todoyu in the best way you can. We do our best to assist your promotion activities. Spread the word about todoyu!

    Find marketing resources here.

Active Contributors

These are the people who have already contributed to the todoyu project:

  • Max N Kanadani @soheimax: Translation, (Brazilian) Portuguese
  • Patrick Gaumond @PatrickGaumond and Jean-Christophe Brebion: Translation, French
  • Dmitry Dulepov @dmitryd: Translation, Russian
  • Osamu Habuka @habuka036: Translation, Japanese
  • Jigal van Hemert: Translation, Dutch
  • Kristian Wiglasz: Translation, Czech
  • Bedřich Kraus: Translation, Czech
  • David Bailliot: Translation, French. Bugfixes/Coding captain_flam_88
  • Michał Wyczałek: Translation, Polish
  • Jacey New @moxnet: Translation, Chinese

Thank you so much for the great work!

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