Content - Learn what has changed in the last versions


See in the list below what has been changed, updated, added and optimized in each version of todoyu.

core 2.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Enlarged width of rte - input
	* Added: Button for scrolling to top, 
           that appears when scrolling down on long pages
	* Added: Hook for paging of lists
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Changed: Headlet initialisation only if present (fullscreen-support)
	* Bugfix: Fixed css for error-messages of checkboxes
	* Bugifx: Fixed styling of quickinfo
	* Bugfix: Right requirement wasn't parsed correctly 
           if there is only one rights-section
	* Bugfix: Enable live validation for record selector
	* Bugfix: Possibility to remove warning-message of live-validator
	* Bugfix: Fallback for setting timezone to prevent fatal errors
	* Bugfix: Set PCLZIP temporary folder to cache/temp folder. 
           Caused problems with write-permissions
	* Bugfix: fixed bug in token-callback-manager
	* Bugfix: Fixed compatibility inclusion


project 1.5.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Bugfix: Enlarged width of quicktask-create-dialog 
           to match other dialogs
	* Bugfix: Filter sorting for end-date with fallback for deadline
	* Bugfix: Label fix
	* Bugfix: Added fallback for date_end to date_deadline for 
           dynamic time filter
	* Changed: Improved task properties readability
	* Changed: Add form data and parameters to task form 
           loading hook. Allows other extension better to hook in
	* Changed: Add type parameter to task form edit hook
	* Changed: Removed task-search over key-combination. 
           Caused to much trouble
	* Added: Functionality for task-quick-search
	* Added: Hook on task init
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (


sysmanager 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Bugfix: Set selection of person to lazy init (role-record; 
           caused a memory_limit_exhausted error)
	* Bugfix: Made timezone required in system configuration
	* Bugfix: typo


loginpage 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (


portal 1.4.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (


calendar 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Added: Warning message if selected person has a 
           holiday on event-dates
	* Feature: Events list in portal separates events into groups: 
           today, this week, further
	* Changed: out-commented holiday-set filter in calendar
	* Changed: Show holidays according to selected person
	* Bugfix: Fixed styling of un/ordered lists inside event description
	* Bugfix: Fixed overbooking validation (check for dayevent)
	* Bugfix: Dismiss reminder popup if event is deleted
	* Bugfix: Allow edit / delete of events in the past (new rights)
	* Bugfix: Series cause performance problems because of 
           wrong data-parsing
	* Bugfix: Remove warning-message on correct holiday-validation
	* Bugfix: Visual fix in calendar


timetracking 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Separate right for Tasks currently being tracked
	* Added: (Headers of) Tasks currently being tracked by 
           other users are hilighted light-blue
	* Added: Filter for projects with tasks that are currently begin tracked
	* Added: Filter for tasks being currently tracked
	* Added: Filter for overbooked tasks (in percent)
	* Added: Filter for overbooked tasks (absolute in minutes)
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Bugfix: Fixed quicktask-handling (task_done flag was 
           ignored / wrongly overwritten)
	* Bugfix: Fixed filter for overbooked tasks. Calculation is now 
           over the summed tracked workload
	* Bugfix: Fixed wrong check
	* Bugfix: IsBeingTracked filter crashed if there wasn't no current track


daytracks 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Possibility to switch user in time sheet
	* Added: Show start and end of week in history 
          (complete calendar-week)
	* Added: Daytracks export can be viewed in popup
	* Added: Status colors on Tasks' left border in daytracks detail view
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Bugfix: Check for employer fields
	* Bugfix: Selector-Group-Labels were defined in dev-extension.


search 1.5.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Changed: Headlet initialisation only if present (fullscreen-support)


bookmark 1.2.3 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Task-quick-search in bookmark-panel-widget
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (


contact 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Fixed: contact image removal Button is only displayed 
           if there is one (not a dummy)
	* Added: TodoyuContactPersonManager::getPersonByEmail($email)
	* Added: New person attribute: title
	* Added: Person label in auto-completion suggestion 
           contains company shortname
	* Added: Quick info for contact information on company.
	* Added: Hook to render contact information in person/company details
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Changed: Display changes of address
	* Changed: Company-listing columns
	* Changed: Dependency to core 2.3.1
	* Changed: Improved listing of companies and persons


comment 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Preview (Quickinfo) for comment - assets
	* Added: Adaption to rte-input-field enlargement
	* Added: Hook to add a task icon if any comment has an asset attached
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (


profile 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (


assets 1.3.1 - 2013-12-31
	* Added: Image assets quickinfo preview
	* Added: Catalan language. 
           Credits to Carles Baiges Camprubí LaCol (
	* Bugfix: Better error-handling for previews


firststeps 1.1.2 - 2013-03-27
	* Changed: Adapted to core 2.3


todoyu 2.3.0 - 2013-03-27

core 2.3.0 - 2013-03-27
* Added: Extended width for content (new: 1234px width)
* Added: live-validation for form-fields
* Added: Support for SMTP accounts. Send emails over a (shared) SMTP account.
* Changed: Moved repeatedly used gradients (headers, buttons) into SASS mix-ins
* Changed: Removed various CSS background images, replaced by CSS3 gradients and rounded corners
* Changed: Sticky notification mode: info now stays (was: stays 15s)
* Changed: Prevent context menu and its submenus to display outside of the screen
* Bugfix: Visual optimization of sortable-panel-list handle
* Bugfix: Fixed linux-chrome-styling-bug
* Bugfix: styling bug in sortable panel list
* Bugfix: Fixed and clean-up JSCalendar styling
* Bugfix: SearchList-input value clearing disabled text-navigation
* Bugfix: Fixed bug in the assistNumericInput method
* Bugfix: Changed date-format for calendar week to ISO-8601
* Bugfix: Min - form - validator was wrong
* Bugfix: Fixed e-mail parsing
* Bugfix: Removed boundaries of sub menu entries
* Bugfix: Add tab key as class name for content item tabs
* Bugfix: Active item tabs are unique
* Bugfix: Auto linking found also background image source as link
* Bugfix: TodoyuSql::buildInListQueryPart() value when negated and input is empty
* Bugfix: Duration Pickers configuration failed
* Bugfix: Class for fieldset didn't work properly/clean
* Bugfix: isRequired() checks now for available field and for false value
* Bugfix: Content tab did not store selected tab correctly
* Bugfix: Prevent double linking of email addresses in RTE text
* Library: Upgraded PHPsass from version 201203071100 to 201211282000
* Library: Upgraded from PHPMailer-lite 5.1 to PHPMailer 5.2.4
* Library: Highcharts 2.2.3
* Library: tinyMCE
* Library: Prototype 1.7.1
project 1.5.0
* Added: Project tabs with Context menu on button
* Added: Permission check for task-fields in export
* Added: New filter-widget for company search: project from filterset with negations
* Added: Added icon for exceeded deadline/end-date. With Tolerance factor in extconf
* Added: New autocompleter for companies in project form
* Added: Amount of Projetcs in the menu drop-down is now a config
* Added: Negation for task and project title search filter
* Added: New panelwidget projectSelector - allows finding project via title fulltext and customer name, handles virtual project groups
* Changed: Set current time in date-preset
* Changed: Always prefer internal deadline in task listing headers
* Changed: Replaced fixed task-title cropping with css-text-overflow behaviour
* Changed: Text-cropping over css
* Changed: Allow multiple words for task title search filter (separated by whitespace)
* Bugfix: TaskFilterSet filter for project could have caused slow query
* Bugfix: Date exceeding wasn't correct
* Bugfix: Performance problems with sub-queries
* Bugfix: Initialize project-status filter only if allowed
* Bugfix: Fixed task-link-parsing
* Bugfix: set id to 0 on new project for correct marker parsing
* Bugfix: Check for create-right on status done in quicktask
* Bugfix: Replace project-details on edit
* Bugfix: Fixed JS-Error on task deletion
* Bugfix: Decode html-entities in title - tag
sysmanager 1.3.0
* Feature: Support for SMTP account as default system email sending method (before there was only mail())
* Added: SMTP accounts
* Added: Check extension requirements for manual upload
* Changed: replace cropping with css
    * Changed: Adapted warning message to new global style
* Changed: Press CTRL when click in the sysmanager headlet to open it in a new window/tab
* Bugfix: Records without isDeletable config are now always deletable
* Bugfix: fixed problem with mailer system config
loginpage 1.3.0
* Changed: Use mailReceivers for mailings
* Bugfix: Forgotten password didn't work
portal 1.4.0
* Changed: Made update of filterset counter in filterset list more robust (bound filterset directly to request handler)
* Bugfix: Empty parameter caused JS-Error on feedback tab
calendar 1.3.0
* Changed: Text-cropping over CSS
* Changed: Disable drag'n drop after drop until reload has finished
* Changed: Width adaption
* Bugfix: Fixed rights of past events to not allow deletion
* Bugfix: Fixed Chrome Layout Bug
* Bugfix: Fixed layout for holiday-list in portal
* Bugfix: Changed date-format for calendar week to ISO-8601
* Bugfix: Reset dismissed reminders if they are shifted
* Bugfix: Change blocking/non-blocking events on dayevent selection
* Bugfix: Event mail receivers data was ignored
* Bugfix: Month display range (which adds leading and trailing days of other months) failed during week of DST switch
* Bugfix: Editing series with past event on current day duplicated that event
* Bugfix: Fixed rights of (fully) past events to not allow edit and delete
* Bugfix: Fixed inconsistency of event past-time check+notification via double-click creation and via context menu
timetracking 1.3.0
* Added: Icon for overtime tasks
* Changed: Replaced explicit truncating of text with css & css clean-up
* Changed: Change overtime rule in task details (added tolerance)
* Removed: Maximum boundaries for tolerance
search 1.5.0 - 2013-03-27
* Added: Ability to toggle visibility for separator
* Changed: Text-cropping over css and css clean-up
* Changed: Removed widget elements former workaround background images
* Bugfix: Tables from filterset filter were fetched with whitespaces and not removed by removeTables option
* Bugfix: Added missing icon
* Bugfix: fixed cropping of filter-set-labels
* Bugfix: Update title-tag on filterset rename
* Bugfix: Fixed Problem with default value 0 in select widget
contact 1.3.0 - 2013-03-27
* Feature: Outgoing mail account (including SMTP) in person account data
* Feature: Added person record selector according to staff selector
* Added: Avatar (smaller scaled contact-image)
* Added: Live-form-validation for duplicated address-records (person + company)
* Added: Live-form-validation for duplicated contactinformation (person + company)
* Added: Live-form-validation for duplicated person (first + lastname)
* Added: Live-form-validation for duplicated company titles
* Added: List of assigned projects in company and person detail-view
* Added: New field ext_contact_person.is_dummy to mark dummy users (placeholders, e.g. rooms)
* Added: New field ext_contact_company.is_notactive to disable companies
* Added: Email person record selector
* Added: Mail signature per user for all mails
* Added: Correspondence locale for company and person. Allows other extension to localize content based on central configuration
* Changed: Show dummy image if it is not allowed to see the person
* Changed: Adapted warning-message to new global style
* Changed: Cleanup profile - Reused general person form instead of an additional form version for the same fields
* Changed: Cleanup TodoyuContactPersonManager::searchPerson() - Removed searchInFields parameter, $searchWords parameter is now an array
* Changed: Removed TodoyuContactCompanyManager::searchCompanyIDs() because it was never used
* Changed: Removed TodoyuContactPersonManager::getList() because it was never used
* Changed: Use PanelWidgetSearchBox from core 2.2.1 as base for search box
* Changed: Address field street is optional
* Bugfix: Fixed Problem with Person search
* Bugfix: Icon clean-up
* Bugfix: Person edit form in profile handling
* Bugfix: Permission check on person in employee list of a company
* Bugfix: Linking from project list in person and company was wrong
* Bugfix: Fixed memory problems with export by disabling unnecessary caching
* Bugfix: Position of delete group icon
comment 1.3.0 - 2013-03-27
* Feature: New option + right to mark feedback requests of dummy users acknowledged
* Feature: Comments that request a feedback can be reverted into "unseen" status
* Feature: Upload assets to comments
* Feature: Add additional content to comment text area with a hook: comment,comment.additionalContentItems
* Feature: Quote a comment. Use comment text as prefixed template
* Changed: Adapted warning-message to new global style
* Changed: Send same email to all receivers (all receivers are "to" and visible to each other)
* Changed: Image to contacts avatar
* Changed: Cleanup header values: idTask => task, idComment => comment
* Changed: Larger field type for comment (mediumtext)
* Changed: Only add feedback tab to portal if comment general use is allowed (prevents error)
* Bugfix: Issue with multi-select in opera (css disabled ctrl-click)
* Bugfix: Fixed negation in comment filter
* Bugfix: TodoyuCommentComment->hasOpenFeedbacksFromExternals() did take persons with multiple employers as external only
* Bugfix: Portal feedback parent IDs did not exclude containers
* Bugfix: Negation was wrong in filter
* Bugfix: Fixed layout bug on canceling first comment form
* Bugfix: Added # to not allowed sings for comment links
* Bugfix: Avoid long names to overflow
* Bugfix: Fixed scrolling error with approval-icon
* Bugfix: fixed icon of asset upload button
* Bugfix: Fixed asset upload button label
* Bugfix: Label in javascript was built dynamically and so ignored by the pre-parser
profile 1.3.0 - 2013-03-27
* Changed: Press CTRL when click in the profile headlet to open it in a new window/tab
assets 1.3.0 - 2013-03-27
* Added: Listing of assets in project header (new tab)
* Added: Show comment assets in tab
* Added: Possibility to add comment assets
* Added: Added record selector with dropdown instead of autocompleter
* Changed: Added link to comment in asset list
* Bugfix: fixed icon of asset upload button

todoyu 2.2.1 - 2012-07-31

* Bugfix: TodoyuSql::buildInListQueryPart() value when negated and input is empty
* Bugfix: Duration Pickers configuration failed
* Bugfix: Class for fieldset didn't work properly/clean
* Bugfix: Contenttab did not store selected tab correctly
* Bugfix: Add tab key as class name for content item tabs
* Bugfix: Active item tabs are unique
* Bugfix: Auto linking found also background image source as link
* Bugfix: isRequired() checks now for available field and for false value
* Added: Form element time was not available
* Added: Todoyu.Form.isFirstInputInForm()
* Changed: Use js version instead of php the check for the first input in form
* Changed: Update form XSD validation to match know field types only
* Changed: Created instances for parsing form xml files to prevent overlapping when multiple forms are parsed parallel
* Changed: Group label of selectgrouped is now parsed as label
* Changed: Removed unused parameter $preParseValues from form instantiation
* Changed: Added $formData as default $params value in form instantiation
* Changed: Parse label for grouped select options
* Library: Highcharts 2.2.3
* Library: tinyMCE 3.5

todoyu 2.2.0 - released 2011-05-03

* Added: Parity of list items in widgets is refreshed on drop/resort
* Added: Balloon info rendering, style and JS
* Added: Hooks in TodoyuMail
* Added: Empty listing shows "no items" notice
* Added: Special chars encoding of CSV exported data
* Added: Added core hook of loaded extension type configs: 'loadconfig.extkey.type'
* Added: Installer now focuses it's first form field on page load
* Added: prototype.js plugin "svginner"
* Added: TodoyuTime.getDayTimestampsInRange can now optionally ommit weekend days
* Added: Todoyu.Popups (open, openElement, openContent) can now optionally position the popup to a top coordinate
* Added: JavaScript Date prototypes: addDays(), subtractDays(), isToday()
* Added: JS-Handling for contentItemTabs
* Added: Todoyu.Form.assistDurationInput() for onblur-validation of duration input fields
* Added: New form hook for data modification immediately before rendering (use TodoyuFormHook::registerRenderForm() for callback registration)
* Added: global confirmation dialog for toggling of record-types with exclusive "is_preferred" attribute
* Added: new DB query building method: TodoyuSql::buildInArrayQuery()
* Added: General content item inline tabs management and rendering to core
* Added: "greaterThan" form validator
* Added: Methods for fetching right / section and resp. required right from extension rights matrix
* Added: TodoyuArray::implodeAssoc()
* Added: TodoyuDateRange: setMinLength(), isOverlapping(), isInOneDay(), getOverlappingRange(), getAmountOfDays(), contains(), setRangeLimits()
* Added: DialogChoice. Create a popup and creates options to get selected by user
* Added: TodoyuArray::assureFromJSON() - Takes a JSON string, tries to decode it as an array and makes sure an array is return (even on invalid JSON)
* Added: TodoyuRecordManager::deleteRecords() sets deleted flag for records in a table by where statement
* Added: TodoyuTime::getWeekEndDayIndexes() - as in date('w'), depends in first day of week
* Added: Call hook and fire change event on AC element selection
* Added: TodoyuDateRange::getLabelWithTime()
* Added: Initialize fake console element to prevent errors on console.log() in not supporting browsers
* Added: Todoyu.Helper.cloneObject() for deep object copy (alternative to Object.clone())
* Added: Javascript form submit helpers (simple file upload)
* Added: TodoyuRenderer::renderSelectGrouped(). Extracted from a Dwoo plugin
* Added: Dwoo plugin {restrictAdmin}retricted content{/restrictAdmin}
* Added: Moved Dwoo plugins from calendar extension to core: {formatDuration}, {formatRange}
* Added: date locale format label "dateMshort"
* Changed: Removed currencyFormat from core
* Changed: Listing renderer requires and renders additionally to columns now also record ID
* Changed: Moved static database and query functions to TodoyuSql
* Changed: Removing valueless foreign records does not require confirmation anymore
* Changed: Better support for SQL statements to update fields. Comma is now allowed in type definition (ex: DECIMAL(5,2))
* Changed: Extending item listings (fetching additional items) now also keeps list-function parameters, like search filters
* Changed: Inactive roles are listed last instead of first
* Changed: Unified method naming - getDateXXX() getPersonXXX() getPersonXXXID()
* Changed: Renamed TodoyuFieldset to TodoyuFormFieldset
* Changed: Prevent selection of disabled select option
* Changed: Todoyu.Time: time means now php timestamp and date means js date object (for vars and methods)
* Changed: Updates of date fields with the popup calendar will now trigger a change event
* Changed: Used faster (int) instead of intval() for integer typecasting
* Changed: Moved getDayTimestamps(), getDayTimestampsMap() to TodoyuDayRange
* Changed: Made TodoyuTime::getWeekStart and getWeekAnd relative to system config of 1st day of week being sunday or monday
* Changed: Minimum PHP version is 5.2.5
* Changed: Renamed TodoyuDateRange::getDiff() to getDuration(), TodoyuDayRange::getDiffInDays() to getDurationInDays()
* Changed: Renamed TodoyuRecordManger::deleteRecords() to deleteRecordsByID()
* Changed: ListingRenderer behaviour. Changed Parameter sword to params to be more flexible.
* Changed: Rich Text Editor (tinyMCE) uses now advanced mode with some additional edit features
* Changed: Renamed config/admin.php to config/sysmanager.php because admin extension was removed
* Changed: Renamed Dwoo plugin {Workload} to {formatDuration}
* Changed: Renamed TodoyuTime::sec2hours() to formatHours()
* Changed: Scroll to error in form when form is initialized with errors
* Removed: scal calendar/date picker library
* Removed: TodoyuString::replaceOnce()
* Removed: TodoyuString::strictHtml2text() is now integrated in html2text() method

todoyu 2.1.4 - released 2011-12-13

* Bugfix: Hovering multiple quick-info elements subsequently in direct sequence did only show the first info, no following ones
* Bugfix: RTE auto focus failed. Added workaround to focus RTE if first field
* Bugfix: Area was not set on popup ajax requests
* Changed: Only focus RTE when loaded over ajax
* Changed: TodoyuFormElement::getStorageData() is final now and checks always for noStorage and disabled
* Changed: TodoyuString::html2text text handling improved
* Changed: Popup calendar dotted border width is now 1px (was 2)
* Changed: Labels => (same for date_update)
* Added: Hide context menu on tab change
* Added: TodoyuCountry::getIsoNumCurrency()
* Added: TodoyuFormElement::getStorageDataInternal() to override storageData properly
* Added: TodoyuDatabase::quoteTablename() (currently alias of quoteFieldName()). Cleanup quoteFieldName()
* Added: Support to validate against fields in the parent form
* Added: TodoyuFormElement methods replaceFieldValidatorWithValue() and removeValidator()
* Added: Log hook calls
* Added: Log level LEVEL_CORE which is even deeper than debug and shows internal logs of todoyu core (hooks, connections, etc)
* Added: Limit parameter for TodoyuDateRange methods
* Added: Basic getters for TodoyuRole
* Added: TodoyuArray::groupByField()

todoyu 2.1.3 - released 2011-11-17

* Bugfix: System URL was set wrong on windows systems
* Bugfix: Cropping of tabs didn't work correctly in ie. Due to substr(negativeValue)
* Bugfix: Checkbox had problem with default value
* Bugfix: ReplyTo & sender of emails were automatically set to the system mail
* Bugfix: Simplified textarea auto resize. Works now in all major up-to-date browsers
* Bugfix: XML entities were encoded inside of dwoo tags which caused parse error in template engine (dwoo)
* Bugfix: Hiding of notifications of the same type failed when more than 2 dots were in the identifier
* Added: Auto-focus RTE of first form field (e.g. comment text)
* Added: Cropping for database relation labels in form
* Added TodoyuTime::time() to set null values to current time
* Added TodoyuDateRange
* Added TodoyuArray::createMap()
* Added: action dispatcher error output contains now also action controller class name
* Added: Wrappers for rename() and copy() in TodoyuFileManager
* Added: TodoyuTime:: getYearEnd(), getYearStart()
* Added: update() and updateField()
* Added: Default link to documentation
* Added: Comparison form validators (dateBefore, dateAfter, dateNotAfter, dateTimeNotBefore, dateTimeAfter, equals) can optionally compare against a value
* Added: New parameter 'area' for asset file config. If merging is not enabled, you can define one or more areas (string or array) where to load the specific file (no config = all areas)
* Added: Paste plugin for tinyMCE
* Added: Description for records
* Changed: Don't require system locale data to set a locale for translation
* Changed: TodoyuDebug handles now debugging status
* Changed: Format of duration (hour)
* Changed: Duration formatting
* Removed: Moved continuous integration files to private extension
* Removed: Username list from debug function. Were never used
* Removed: Color styles for project (moved to project)
* Translation: Added polish translation for core
* Translation: Serbian translation for installer
* Translation: Polish for core (and all basic extensions)
* Library: tinyMCE 3.4.7
* Library: Highcharts 2.1.9

todoyu 2.1.2 - released 2011-09-15

* Bugfix: Tab layout for chrome fixed
* Bugfix: labels of dynamic tabs float over bounding box of the tab in chrome (ex: view/edit event)
* Bugfix: fixed various button icons positions for Chrome
* Bugfix: #123 Text form fields are ignoring defined default values
* Bugfix: #185 Deleting an access role in sysmanager caused a fatal error (invalid function call)
* Bugfix: #189 Problems with character set conversion when server character sets are not utf-8
* Bugfix: Problems with close handling for popups in IE8. Redesigned callback structure
* Bugfix: #199 Parsing mysql date (standard date YYYY-MM-DD) failed. Birthdays were not received correct from form field
* Bugfix: Option class name was not used (invalid variable name in template)
* Bugfix: Remove event handler attributes from tags in RTE HTML to prevent RSS attacks
* Bugfix: Select AC value with return key doesn't clear the hidden value field (previously selected items had got lost)
* Changed: TodoyuTime::parseDateString has now a fallback to strtotime() if date was not recognized before
* Changed: Made TodoyuLabelManager::$cache private
* Changed: Made TodoyuLabelManger::getFallbackLocales private
* Changed: Comment out unused database relation input field (relations have their own sub fields)
* Changed: Cleanup adding the language file for jscalendar
* Changed: Set default dummy timezone to prevent problems with date() before setting the users timezone
* Changed: Allow installation in not empty database (as long as no conflicts with existing tables occurs)
* Changed: Simplified TodoyuForm::injectFieldset (by Captain_FLAM)
* Changed: Load the override config before init (CaptainFLAM)
* Changed: Always return the label (or the key) for a label (never empty)
* Changed: Cleanup hook manager. Hooks are now case insensitive and stored internally (Todoyu::$CONFIG['HOOKS'] is deprecated now)
* Added: Added doubleEncode parameter for TodoyuString::htmlentities
* Added: Translated log levels in core/locale/en_GB/global.xml
* Added: Caching for class autoloader
* Added: Custom callback on empty result for searchlist panel widget
* Added: TodoyuMail::setCurrentUserAsSender() as a shortcut
* Added: Confirm removal of sub record in db relation in form
* Added: Allow to hook in into the form display event in javascript
* Added: Hook core.login on successful login
* Added: Hooks core.record.add, core.record.update, core.record.delete
* Added: Added getRowCount() method to TodoyuDatabase
* Remove: Removed unused function TodoyuArray::convertToUTF8Array
* Updated: JsCalendar library updated. Added some extra utf-8 language packages (provided by Captain_FLAM)
* Updated: tinyMCE 3.4.4

todoyu 2.1.1 - released 2011-07-25

* Feature: Added optional event identifier to error/success notifications- notifications of the same event are now closing preceding notes of the same event (if present)
* Bugfix: Installer- Fixed icon display bug of installer steps with long labels
* Bugfix: open duration picker wasn't hidden when closing parent dialog
* Bugfix: Added more tags to the badHtmlTags list to make sure they are escaped and not rendered (ex: embed)
* Bugfix: Parsing dates in british english format failed (was interpreted as american)
* Bugfix: List of available locales contained default locale twice
* Bugfix: Timerange date selector had to high z-index
* Bugfix: Detect also links in this format: ""
* Bugfix: Archive manager creates now valid zip archives on windows (valid extraction on linux)
* Bugfix: Contextmenu sub menu works now correct on linux firefox 5
* Bugfix: Validate empty dates as valid
* Changed: Rename Todoyu.Notification.onValueChange to validateDateFormat
* Changed: Rename Todoyu.Notification.observeChange to addValidator
* Changed: Padding of inline filter forms to prevent layout problems
* Changed: Only set curl option CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION when safe mode is not enabled
* Changed: Minimum php version is 5.2.3 (instead only 5.2.0)
* Changed: Updated highcharts library to 2.1.6
* Changed: Updated tinyMCE to
* Changed: <a>-tags are now removed from RTE when saving (autolink function rebuilds them when necessary for output)
* Changed: Logger init position. Init before todoyu is initialized to log init errors. Added check if file logger has a problem. Check for resource instead null
* Changed: Tabs are now cropped in javascript and use dynamically as much space as available. Removed template label cropping for tabs
* Changed: Moved javascript object prototype definitions from core/lib/js/prototype.js to core/asset/js/prototypes.js
* Changed: Session key is now the web path. Multiple todoyu instances on the same server have now different session namespaces
* Changed: Frequency of a cronjob if given to the job to calculate next expected execution time
* Changed: Merged duration wizard icon into general sprite
* Added: Array.prototype.sum()

todoyu 2.1.0 (core) - released 2011-06-17

1. Note: Since release 2.1.0, the todoyu extension repository is enabling us to decouple version updates of the todoyu core and basic extensions from one another.
    Respectively, the core and extensions changelogs are now maintained separately.
2. Upgrade instruction: When upgrading an existing todoyu installation to 2.1.0 please read the instructions in the file __UPGRADE_TODOYU___READ_THIS_FIRST.txt
    which you'll find in the todoyu root folder.

* Feature: Added TodoyuMail objects which handles mail sending. Extendable by extensions
* Feature: Added auto-growing behavior textareas and RTE areas
* Feature: Added authentification with tokens to allow public data access interfacing
* Feature: Changed popup behaviour. Multiple popups are handled correct now. Close with escape
* Feature: Added method for creation of random named cache folders to TodoyuFileManager
* Feature: Extended TodoyuFileManager::getFolderContents with option to retrieve file stats
* Feature: Live validation of date/datetime fields
* Feature: Added Todoyu::db()->setDeleted() wrapper method
* Feature: Added TodoyuBaseObject::getCreatePersonID() and getCreatePerson() shortcut methods
* Feature: Added array helper method that merges TodoyuArray::reform() and TodoyuArray::useFieldAsIndex() => TodoyuArray::reformWithFieldAsIndex()
* Feature: Added check for items existence before applying hooked callbacks on items (Todoyu.Hooks.exec())
* Feature: Added calling of JS hook after quickcreate popup has been opened ('headlet.quickcreate.' + type + '.popupOpened')
* Feature: Added Img-function to TodoyuString
* Feature: Quickinfos are now deactivatible via JS
* Changed: UI: easier deselection of simple / grouped select options - only the first current value option is preselected in case there are multiple identic options
* Changed: Every PHP class has extension prefix
* Changed: Implemented headlets (JS) as classes, general headlet cleanup
* Changed: Renamed DB table system_errorlog to system_log_error
* Changed: Moved core classes to core/model
* Changed: Moved document classes to core/model/document
* Changed: Moved form classes to core/model/form
* Changed: Removed TodoyuPanelWidgetIf
* Changed: Removed unused DB table system_log
* Changed: TodoyuPanelWidget::renderContent() only renders the content, parent class handles full render process
* Changed: Added globally used icons (unacknowledged/acknowledged/modified/accepted/emailed) to core
* Changed: Added deleteFile method (with success logging) to TodoyuFileManager
* Changed: Moved global functions to Todoyu namespace
* Changed: Renamed "assets" folder to "asset" (all folders now singular)
* Changed: Made allowed tags of RTE more precise to disallow styles that are not supported via RTE options (inserted via paste)
* Changed: Installer respects version order of php and sql files
* Changed: When last version is unknown during an update, prompt for user input
* Changed: Extension archives are created completely in core modules. Valid extraction to all OS
* Changed: Support exception handling for PHP 5.2 and 5.3
* Changed: Replaced functions of Prototype 1.6 with newer versions for 1.7
* Changed: Database connection uses now default sql mode (removed sql_mode=ansi)
* Added: Added locale en_US for proper date formatting
* Added: Todoyu.Helper.cropText() to crop text in js
* Added: addJsOnloadedFunction has now an autobind parameter
* Translation: Updated german, russian and japanese translation updates

todoyu 2.0.8 - released 2011-03-16

* Added: Added TodoyuString::br2nl()
* Added: TodoyuTime::getDaysInTimespan()
* Added: Dates in demo data are now updated to a current date when importing
* Change: Improved TodoyuString::html2text() for better results
* Change: <select> form element has now an extraAttribute field
* Locale: Added some of the missing czech core labels
* Locale: Added spanish (es_CO) locales for core
* Bugfix: #165 Changed links for new website
* Bugfix: #164 Added button label for "add person" in role form
* Bugfix: #154 Add slashes to string in generated config files
* Bugfix: #146 Added extra headers in file download request to support IE file downloads
* Bugfix: Allow span with style tags in RTE to allow underlined text formatting
* Bugfix: Switched cropText and htmlencode plugins to prevent cropping encoded text which contains encoded entities
* Bugfix: Added close observer to popup to remove RTE instances in popups
* Bugfix: Todoyu.Ui.closeRTE() can handle null as parameter

bookmark 1.0.7
* Bugfix: #166 Bookmark label cropping
* Bugfix: #162 Deleted tasks were still listed in bookmarks widget
* Bugfix: #142 Bookmark timetracking button title

calendar 1.0.6
* Bugfix: #159 Removed empty attributes from event single view
* Bugfix: #147 Added noAccess class to ALL events which can't be edited (Drag&Drop)
* Bugfix: Removed wrong wordwrapping (inserted spaces) from event descriptions
* Bugfix: event drag & drop in week & day views had wrong hour offset (-1h)
* Change: quickinfos now always hide when starting to drag events
* Change: different formatting of event duration in single view: 1. multi-day, 2. single day with duration >= 1h, 3. single day with duration < 1h
* Change: Modified events are marked with a green star (new event have a yellow star)
* Change: Added TodoyuEvent::getDuration()
* Database: Added is_update to ext_calendar_mm_event_person

comment 1.0.8
* Feature: Implemented logging of emailed comments and listed it in comments header
* Feature: Added marking of seen feedbacks in comments header
* Change: Adding tasks is now event allowed if task is locked

contact 1.0.7
* Bugfix: #163 Empty email address shown as empty row in person quickinfo
* Bugfix: Show preferred email in person list item (from contactinfotype when no todoyu account given)
* Bugfix: Auto-generated person shortname can (not any longer) contain whitespace
* Bugfix: #157 Contactinfotype category select value was a constant. Now it's parsed as integer.
* Bugfix: Added deleted clause for quickinfo preferred phone number

loginpage 1.0.7
* Bugfix: #145 Loginnews download via CURL with TodoyuFileManager::downloadFile()
* Change: New download URL for news feed
* Change: Loginpage tab links point to new site structure of

project 1.0.8
* Bugfix: #162 Deleted tasks were shown in lost tasks for admins
* Bugfix: #158 Improved visual style of expanded project item header in search results list
* Bugfix: #144 Label for is_public checkbox in task was missing
* Bugfix: #140 Form hook modified not available field
* Bugfix: Check if task status is allowed for editing
* Bugfix: project.task.containerAdded hook was called with invalid value
* Bugfix: Newly created tasks that are assigned to the creator person were not set acknowledged initially

timetracking 1.0.7
* Database: Changed comment in ext_timetracking_track from text to varchar(250)

todoyu 2.0.7 - released 2011-01-19

  1. Update Note: When updating to 2.0.7 - Setup new rights: "Contact > See all internal persons", "Contact > See All Persons" (If none set: see only public persons in own projects)
  2. Update Note: When updating to 2.0.7 - Setup new right: "Contact > See All Companies" (If not set: see only own and internal company)
  3. Update Note: When updating to 2.0.7 - You must set project persons "public", for customers to be able to see/send feedback to them.
  • Bugfix: English locale of date formats contained some german formats
  • Bugfix: #136 "My Filters" in portal ignores "OR" conjunction (uses "AND")
  • Bugfix: #125 Restricted task creation suggested also disallowed projects
  • Bugfix: Extended numeric form value input assistant to allow for negative values
  • Bugfix: #118 Fixed sorting of last tracked tasks in headlet
  • Bugfix: #113 Deleted contactinfo is visible in quickinfo
  • Bugfix: #112 Title in event quickinfo popups wordwraps inside html-entities
  • Bugfix: #110 Tab labels are truncated by whole words only
  • Bugfix: #104 Rights & roles administration fails in internet explorer
  • Bugfix: #103 Calendar - February 2010 and and 2021 displays two empty rows of days
  • Bugfix: Internet Explorer - Autocompleter suggestion dislocates underneath elements
  • Bugfix: Internet Explorer - Overlay blocker layer wasn't transparent
  • Bugfix: Internet Explorer - Type selector of quicksearch headlet works correctly now
  • Bugfix: Users w/o permission to see non-public tasks see "is public" flag
  • Bugfix: Portal did not refresh task list after quicktask creation
  • Bugfix: UI - Improved element hovers in calendar (fixed: finger cursor above non-linked elements)
  • Bugfix: Fixed HTML encoding inside calendar tooltips (/dqwoo plugin "truncate")
  • Bugfix: Portal birthdays list misses one year when calculating upcoming ages in next year
  • Bugfix: Project autocompleter - suggestion does not contain customer name if no shortname is stored
  • Feature: Added swiss holidays for 2011 to installer demo data (zurich and berne)
  • Feature: Improved comments rights presets of demo data for "project manager" and "staff" roleFeature: (Demo data) added public visibilty for all demo project managers of all demo projects
  • Feature: Improved rights presets of project extension (projects and tasks visibility and editing) for "project manager" and "staff" role
  • Feature: Task creation inside projects with status "done" and "cleared" is prohibited now
  • Feature: Improved events listing in portal: items sorting, layout
  • Feature: Added various in-code comments (DOC)Feature: Contact rights: Restricted listed persons in task details to by visibility company/person group rights
  • Feature: Comment rights: Feedbacks- and email receiver- options are filtered for allowed persons now
  • Feature: #128 Added project rights settings for adding containers in own/all projects
  • Feature: #128 Added project rights settings for using clipboard options
  • Feature: #126 Separate rights settings for edit, delete task/containers
  • Feature: #124 Tasks/containers can be created/cloned/pasted in projects with status "done" and "cleared"
  • Feature: Live-validating input assistent for numeric/monetary form fields
  • Feature: #105 Added dependency check to ext installation of sysmanager
  • Feature: Added italian todoyu translation
  • Feature: UI - Adapted timetracking headlet progressbar colors to todoyu CI
  • Feature: Person quickinfo now displays sole stored phone number as if it was marked as primary phone number
  • Feature: Added array helper method: TodoyuArray::flattenToSubKeys
  • Changed: (Demo data rights presets) Customer can now use search area and create his own filters for use in portal
  • Changed: Default duration of quicktasks is now 3 days (not 7)

todoyu 2.0.6 - released 2010-11-10

  • Bugfix: #51 Timetracking had wrong day total in daytracks widget
  • Bugfix: #53 Days of the next month are missing in the month view of the calendar
  • Bugfix: #54 Removed version number of todoyu on loginpage to prevent version based attacks
  • Bugfix: #55 Current tracking time not visible in chrome
  • Bugfix: #56 Birthdays in Portal. Strange order and range
  • Bugfix: #57 Acknowledge event in portal
  • Bugfix: #58 Admin can't see Planning and Contacts
  • Bugfix: #59 Task overtime on empty enddate
  • Bugfix: #60 If a persons birthday is today, event is now listed
  • Bugfix: #61 Autolink for typo3 links fails
  • Bugfix: #63 console.log causes error in some browsers
  • Bugfix: #64 Iframe renders itself in comment
  • Bugfix: #65 deleteFolder with deleteHidden option active fails
  • Bugfix: #66 Extraction fails on Linux systems
  • Bugfix: #67 Title of private events are visible
  • Bugfix: #68 QueryHistory may be an attack point
  • Bugfix: #70 Sending comments by email produces PHP error
  • Bugfix: #71 bookmarks administration in profile has no access check
  • Bugfix: #73 customers can not create tasks
  • Bugfix: #74 Navigate from Okt 31 to Nov 1 fails in dayview
  • Bugfix: #75 Title tag in task span around task title not escaped
  • Bugfix: #76 Private events are not fully private
  • Bugfix: #77 Month selector in daytrack - history
  • Bugfix: #78 Can't save RTE sometimes
  • Bugfix: #79 "project missing" message in empty installation could be more helpful
  • Bugfix: #80 Disabled user requires email
  • Bugfix: #81 projectbilling lacks generic tab labels with 2.0.5
  • Bugfix: #82 Navigation problem in calendar week
  • Bugfix: #83 projectbilling lacks core's MM sorting (approvalroles) in 2.0.5
  • Bugfix: #84 project 1.0 lacks projectbilling dependency - sorting of roles
  • Bugfix: #85 Panelwidget Toggle on Loginpage
  • Bugfix: #86 Unescaped text causes layout problems
  • Bugfix: #87 containers are created with status (but they have none)
  • Bugfix: #88 chrome/safari: 24 hour view of day/week view doesn't set scrollTop correctly
  • Bugfix: #89 usability - config/db.php needs warning that manual modifications might be overwritten
  • Bugfix: #90 Encoding Problem in timetracking headlet and profile locale selector
  • Bugfix: #91 Toggles missing for panelwidget on loginpage
  • Bugfix: #92 Action icons in extension list in IE
  • Bugfix: #93 Rights tab in sysadmin shows wrong extension
  • Bugfix: #94 calendar full view toggle display bug in safari + chrome
  • Bugfix: #95 display fault: horizontal scrollbar in task details
  • Bugfix: #96 More encoding problems
  • Bugfix: #97 Searchword is not saved for company in contact
  • Bugfix: #98 Rights editor doesn't work in IE
  • Bugfix: #99 projectbilling 1.0 - fatal error when customer creates task
  • Bugfix: #100 Daytracks History: IE shows details only on blur
  • Bugfix: #101 Doubleclick doesn't create a new event in IE
  • Bugfix: #102 Paste tasks in locked project

todoyu 2.0.5 - released 2010-09-28

  • Bugfix: Opening email receivers in comment failed
  • Bugfix: If a user wasn't allowed to see all projects, no tasks were available
  • Bugfix: Saving roles in the rights manager failed because of a js error
  • Bugfix: isAllowed parameters had the wrong format
  • Bugfix: Filtersets were renamed, if the same name existed in
  • Changed: Prevent direct access of not visible tasks and show info if tried
  • Bugfix: Select all statuses of none selected in preferences

todoyu 2.0.4 - released 2010-09-22

  • Feature: TodoyuBaseObject now implements Dwoo_IDataProvider interface and is valid as data object for templates
  • Feature: Quickinfo hiding is delayed now. Allows selecting and clicking of its content
  • Feature: Added more indexes to tracking table. Makes queries to this table up to 200 times faster
  • Feature: Added failing detection for asset upload. Check if server refused upload and sent an error page
  • Feature: Auto preselect persons in comment if they requested a feedback in the last comment
  • Bugfix: ODT parsing more robustly
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with japanese date format labels
  • Bugfix: Localized calendar header rendering
  • Bugfix: Fixed and simplified data function for day timestamps in month
  • Bugfix: Task in todo tab ordered by date_start now
  • Bugfix: Only tasks (no containers) in the todo tab in portal)
  • Bugfix: Tracking only counts trackings from the past (ignore future trackings)
  • Bugfix: Timetracking callback sends now more info (idTask, trackedTotal, trackedToday, trackedCurrent)
  • Bugfix: Show only feedback requests of undeleted comments. Tab count show now open feedbacks, not tasks
  • Bugfix: Adding a comment over contextmenu works now properly
  • Bugfix: Daytracks now shows single and total tracking times correctly
  • Bugfix: Dynamic dates are handled correctly for negated filter widgets
  • Bugfix: Added own RTE save functions which prevent js errors on invalid instances
  • Bugfix: Change for active and deleted flag on login, even if username/password matches
  • Bugfix: Only strip slashes when magic_quotes is enables
  • Bugfix: Prevent ajax loader icon animations if not available (caused js error on login)
  • Bugfix: extractHeadersFromString() works now correctly
  • Bugfix: Added cleanRTEText() to handle preformatted text from email bodies
  • Bugfix: Prevent 60 minutes in timePart array after rounding up
  • Bugfix: Only load timezone from database if connected
  • Bugfix: SelectGrouped preselects values now correctly
  • Bugfix: Set action if not logged in and redirected to login page. Prevents unknown action error
  • Changed: Correct japanese system locale keys
  • Changed: Daytracks history is much faster with buffered data
  • Changed: Javascript and HTML cleanup in calendar
  • Changed: TodoyuTimetrackingTask is now an active object, manager moved to TodoyuTimetrackingTaskManager
  • Change: Only change task status to progress if current status is open (do nothing on other statuses)
  • Changed: Filter query parts now have a join parts to make sure the filter conditions are handles correctly and more performant
  • Change: Allow <pre> and <a> tags in RTE
  • Changed: Remove task status field if no selectable status is available
  • Changed: Limit filter results to available projects
  • Change: Log error is todoyu can't set system locale
  • Changed: Page can render fullContent instead of content and tabs
  • Changed: Renamed TodoyuHeader::sendHeaderXXX() to TodoyuHeader::sendTypeXXX() to send content type of response
  • Change: restrictInternal dwoo plugin allows access for admin anyway
  • Changed: Defined a list of valid elements for RTE instead only invalid elements
  • Changed: Added hook which sends info if an ajax request was send in not-logged-in status
  • Changed: Removed beta update code
  • Added: New project and task date filters
  • Added: New calendar functions for better timezone support
  • Added: A lot of new javascript hooks for important events
  • Added: TodoyuTimetrackingTask extends TodoyuTask with timetracking field functions
  • Added: Rights check if a tracking is editable (check rights, owner and locking)
  • Added: Default sorting for filter types
  • Added: Filter_filterObject() to combine multiple filtersets
  • Added: Rights parts of the filter query is handled separate to ensure and AND conclusion
  • Added: Task Status rights for status:create and status:changefrom
  • Added: Autolink function for comment and task texts. Detects link like strings and adds <a> tags
  • Added: disableSaveButtons() function to prevent multiple submits of a form
  • Added: selectOptions(). Selects multiple options in a select input
  • Added: Extracted OverlayWindow code from about headlet. Available for others
  • Added: truncate() and drop() functions to database layer
  • Added: addEmail() for quickinfo
  • Added: Link to person in quickinfos
  • Added: TodoyuArray::merge() works also if one parameters is not an array
  • Added: Installer checks first if PHP 5.2 is installed and stops scripts if not

todoyu 2.0.3 - released 2010-08-11

  • Bugfix: getTasksInTimespan() finds now all tasks
  • Bugfix: Handle filenames with quotes correctly on download
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with ODT handling when Dwoo and Office tags are mixed 
  • Bugfix: Fixed dependencies between extensions
  • Bugfix: Correct handling of locking flags in timetracking
  • Bugfix: New persons birthday was always 1970-01-01
  • Bugfix: Fixed CSS layout of fieldsets in task and project
  • Bugfix: Events were created on the wrong date
  • Bugfix: If browser and todoyu timezones were different, time was shifted incorrect
  • Changed: Merged global.css into ext.css
  • Changed: Unified naming of hooks (first step)
  • Changed: Support locking for all types. Check for all types for locking where implemented
  • Changed: Container is locked when it contains locked subtasks
  • Changed: Send notLoggedIn info with notification instead of action not found when not logged in anymore (just for ajax requests)
  • Changed: FormElement_DateTime works now, if just a date was entered without time info
  • Changed: Unified code style
  • Changed: PATH_WEB constant can be overridden with PATH_WEB_OVERRIDE if defined before
  • Added: First serbian translations (not complete yet, complete in 2.0.4)
  • Added: mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8')
  • Added: downloadFile() to download a file from another server to server disk
  • Added: saveLocalCopy() Copy an external file to server
  • Added: toArray() converts array/object constructs to pure arrays
  • Added: If db detection doesn't work, add field so enter a name to use
  • Added: getCountryByISO()
  • Added has() and notEmpty() to BaseObject
  • Added: LocaleCookie is set and used also for the installer/updater
  • Added: Task icon if task has assets
  • Added: Hook documentation
  • Added: extractHttpHeaders() to get header values from request
  • Added: areLocked() checks multiple records in a single query
  • Added: Validators isMin() and isMax(), FormValidators: min,max
  • Added: Log info, if query history is disabled and getLastQuery() called
  • Added: Database server version detection

todoyu 2.0.2 - released 2010-07-15

  • Feature: Store / perceive cookie users selected language locale per cookie
  • Feature: Personal Config headline displays logged-in person's name
  •   Feature: Implemented individual timezone preference, stored within company (employer) address
  • Feature: SQL fields naming and queries- and PHP code cleanup and optimizations, increased commenting.
  • Language: Improved several german labels clarity
  • Language: Fixed tattered extension titles in japanese locale
  • Bugfix: Installer resets form inputs of step "Create administrator account" upon failed verification
  • Bugfix: Sysmanager link "Show extension config" (after extension installation) points to info instead of config
  • Bugfix: List of email receivers is removed only after clicking outside the "send comment as email" checkbox
  • Bugfix: In IE toggeling of the staff selector panelwidget's employment list collaped-state fails
  • Bugfix: In IE the "add comment" and "add assets" tab contains a missing image resource when opening it for the first time
  • Bugfix: In IE8 the "select all / none" option of the task assets listing fails
  • Bugfix: Task filtersets missing in portal
  • Bugfix: Deletion and saving of company employee
  • Bugfix: Context menu of events in portal misses arrow at "show in calendar" sub menu
  • Bugfix: PanelWidgetManager error due to rename of ProjectStatusFilter/StatusFilterProject
  • Bugfix: RTE display contains pointed frame
  • Bugfix: Configured task work default preset is ignored
  • Bugfix: Missing icon at "show in project" item of task context menu
  • Bugfix: Several styling fixes (task header, task icons, etc.)
  • Bugfix: TinyMCE leaves unclosed ghost instances in UI updates
  • Bugfix: TinyMCE save fix for project
  • Bugfix: Type conversion bug in time rounding
  • Bugfix: Floating point formatting problem with german locales (1.2 => 1,2)
  • Bugfix: Document generation for UNIX system
  • Bugfix: Calendar controller loses values
  • Changed: TinyMCE update to version 3.3.8
  • Changed: Simplified form field type names, improved inheritance, added unsetting of options by value
  • Changed: Fulltext filter for project only applies on not-empty string
  • Changed: Database uses SHA1 instead of MD5 for hashing (32=>40)
  • Changed: DB column rename 'static_currency.iso_country' => 'static_currency.iso_num'
  • Added: Htaccess options for different server config, blocked access to files folder
  • Added: Create database with UTF8 force now
  • Added: Added records locking manager (TodoyuLockManager) to todoyu core, project extension and timetracking (no tracking on locked tasks)
  • Added: TodoyuFreezemanager - table 'system_freeze', storing objects data
  • Added: Project freezing and locking (is_locked flag in project table)
  • Added: Log error for unknown form element type
  • Added: New public extension - Currency
  • Added: More demo data

todoyu 2.0.1 - released 2010-06-16

  • Feature: Add task from clipboard from project context menu (if no tasks are available to be references)
  • Feature: Define default values for tasks in the configuration
  • Feature: First version of document templating. Generate ODT documents using Dwoo. Still alpha!
  • Feature: If a request fails, send a HTTP error 503. todoyu can be observed by nagios and other server observation tools. Firebug show error status too
  • Language: Russian
  • Language: French
  • Language: Dutch
  • Language: Japanese
  • Language: Czech
  • Bugfix: Delete folder content, but not .svn
  • Bugfix: Label corrections
  • Bugfix: Use always mail() instead sendmail
  • Bugfix: Undefined conditions in search
  • Bugfix: PHP error in renderResults() because of unchecked parameters
  • Bugfix: Use only one single function to prepare task defaults for saving
  • Bugfix: Uninstall tinyMCE instances on ajax reload to prevent ghost instances
  • Bugfix: getStorageData was not used for subforms. Works now recursive over all elements
  • Bugfix: Check if an extension is available before using it (if not a dependency)
  • Bugfix: UTF-8 problem in croatian calendar language file in javascript
  • Bugfix: Correct handling of overlaping events in the calendar. Rewrote overlapping detection
  • Bugfix: Filter 'last edited' caused sql error
  • Bugfix: Correct overbooking check for non blocking events
  • Change: Force traditional mysql mode to prevent problems with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
  • Change: Only use internal persons to autocomplete event users
  • Change: Date for day events have now a better readable format
  • Change: Cleaned up javascript code. Fixed all warings and errors
  • Change: Better file structure for assets. Grouped by project now
  • Changed: Added new tinyMCE version 3.6
  • Change: Dayevent is not blocking the whole day anymore
  • Changed: Use classes for status filter instead of injection. Easier extendable
  • Changed: Better text if a user can't see any projects and can't add new ones by itself
  • Changed: Language list has now an english translation per language. Each language is now also written in own language
  • Added: robots.txt to prevent search engines to index loginpage
  • Added: Loading box. Show loading screen with message if todoyu has a long request (ex: generating new cache files)
  • Added: Added name of current user as tooltip on profile headlet icon
  • Added: Clean button now removes tables

todoyu 2.0.0 - released 2010-05-10

  • Feature: Added styling support for IE8. Works pretty well in Google Chrome too
  • Feature: Added core controllers to bundle the identical request for all extensions. Includes: Autocomplete, Contextmenu, headlet, panelwidget, quickinfo
  • Feature: If right is denied and check enabled, todoyu checks if the right exists. If not, log location where not existing right is checked
  • Feature: Added about info splash screen
  • Feature: Added utf-8 support to the todoyu header functions
  • Feature: Automatically encode custom header data with JSON
  • Feature: Timetracking information in page title
  • Feature: Upload your own logo for todoyu
  • Feature: Basic extension setup process. More features prepared
  • Feature: Todoyu uses date parse and print functions of jscalendar to work with date input fields
  • Feature: Replaced language (en) with locale (en_GB) to prepare for various language translations and currency usage
  • Feature: Timezone support. Every company address can have its own timezone. Appointments in the calendar will be displayed properly
  • Feature: Multiple validators of the same type are now possible for a field
  • Feature: Improved usability for a lot of user actions
  • Feature: Todoyu is now completely covered with rights check
  • Changed: All logging classes implement the TodoyuLoggerIf interface and are now implemented as clean objects which are added to a queue
  • Changed: Changed the use of TodoyuDatasource. Moved clean versions of needed methods to TodoyuStaticRecords and removed TodoyuDatasource
  • Changed: Language selection is now the first screen in the installer
  • Changed: During the installation, the admin has to provide some information (name, company) to allow a quicker start
  • Changed: Cleaned up database fields. Removed unused, unified type definitions
  • Changed: Optimized headlet behaviour
  • Changed: Removed direct console.log(), wrapped in Todoyu.log()
  • Changed: Changed all JavaScript doc comment into the correct JsDoc syntax
  • Changed: Patched some dwoo functions (ex: truncate) to support utf-8
  • Changed: Every event is at least 20px height to stay visible
  • Changed: Cleaned up quickinfo and contextmenu handling in JavaScript. Removed nearly all redundant code
  • Changed: Removed functions which are not used anymore because of refactoring and cleanup
  • Changed: Added more powerful time rounding function
  • Changed: Allow more complex form validations (requirements, exceptions, etc)
  • Changed: Added shadows to main- and contextmenu (CSS3)
  • Changed: Better styling for timetracking headlet. Stays active until closed
  • Changed: Removed all HTML errors which caused browser compatibility problems
  • Translation: Added brazilian portuguese (provided by the community member Max N Kanadani)
  • Translation: Added missing labels for german and english. Corrected wordings
  • Bugfix: Constant SERVER_URL supports now https://
  • Bugfix: Absolute path on linux/windows system outside of the todoyu root
  • Bugfix: Right position for error message for checkboxes
  • Bugfix: Scroll to an element in the page (respecting the fixed header)
  • Bugfix: Starting a timetracking while one is running send now double update request to update all necessary page parts
  • Bugfix: Corrected display of birthdays
  • Bugfix: Check access rights for events
  • Bugfix: Projectrole selector could not remove person
  • Bugfix: Comment form field was not noStorage by default
  • Bugfix: Reminder date corrections
  • Bugfix: Clear handling of camel case class names (JobType)
  • Bugfix: Default use of the main() function instead of sendmail to support more servers
  • Bugfix: Prevent endless loops with parent
  • This were only the most important changes. There are hundreds of other small changes and fixes

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