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Every week we get about a dozen of feature requests. Some of them are new, but most of them are already listed on uservoice.

Sending us feature requests is great and we appreciate that really very much. This way we know what your needs are and we get a vital signal from the community. Thanks a lot ! But just sending us a wish does not program it or bring todoyu really further.

Let me explain how we work so you might be able to help us to boost todoyu even more

Generally we start working on a new complex feature as soon as we have found some sponsors, or if a client of us pays the individual development. The earnings we have from the professional extensions we sell, which you can find in the todoyu extension repository, help us to maintain existing modules, maintain the core and to keep the server infrastructure up and running. But it doesn't pay new complex features erverybody wants. Although our developers are super smart and highly productive it takes them a few hundred programming hours for a powerful feature like the resource management - not included the conceptual work and documentation.
The number of feature requests for powerful new functionalities is pretty high, but we have to concentrate on the most essentials or urgent. And since we also have to pay salaries we have to focus on paid work too.

And now that's where you come in

You can prioritize the development of todoyu significantly by sponsoring modules. Don't understand me wrong. Nobody expects you to pay the full amount of programming hours on your own (although you're welcome to do so). But every coin helps the project and enables us to program new and cool features. Your donation or sponsorship can speed up the development of todoyu. So if you really want your feature implemented in the near future: Sponsoring helps - thank you!


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  • Rasih ÇAĞLAYAN02.03.2012

    Hi, i made a jingle for Todoyu. I hope you enjoy.You can download jingle from following url :

  • Kay28.09.2011

    Hi Sergey, this varies from system to system, but i added an example into the post.

  • Dominic12.08.2011

    ... then stop eating these little pills your brother gave you...

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