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Long awaited feature now available for upcoming version 2.3

Many todoyu users asked us for the feature "show tasks in calender". And in the past we have implemented this several times with different techniques: the very first version was with flash, the second one we implemented with XHTML and lots of CSS hacks. They all were pretty cool somehow, but not as good as we wanted to have them. So we started one year ago with a new (and hopefully) final version. This third and final version is using the well know highcharts library. Highcharts is a interactive JavaScript library for charts. And the now available result show us that we took the right decision.


So, what are the features?

In short:

  • Real time resource management (time tracking 100% integrated)
  • Planning can be done by resource (person or groups) or projects (listing all people working on it)
  • Calendar module for absence management fully integrated
  • Different zoom levels (days/weeks)
  • Very fast rendering of large data sets

Let me explain you the features more in detail.

Configuration of module

The configuration of this module is kept as simple as possible (see also the screenshot):

  • First you define the amount of hours you usually work per day.
  • Second you have to define the core time you are working. This is a really cool thing because we use this definitions for absence management as well. Absences are calculated from events of the calendar. But only absences which are in these ranges are considered for the resource management.

Resource view

Stuff view cumulated (click on the picture to see it in full size).

Stuff view separated (click on the picture to see it in full size).

Tasks in the timeline view (click on the picture to see it in full size).

Context menu helping you to quickly re-assign or move tasks (click on the picture to see it in full size).

Quick edit of task dates (click on the picture to see it in full size).

I'm not going to explain every little detail since the manual already contains all the necessary information. I'm just going to show you a few highlights to give you an idea how the resource management works and looks like...

In the resource view, you'll find the settings part on the left and three different resource views: staff, my resources, projects (in the screenshots the projects view is not shown).

First we have a closer look at the settings:

  • On top you define the start date and the zoom level. Currently the zoom levels for days and weeks are supported.
  • As a second option you can define the task status.
  • And as a third option you select the group of persons or single persons. You even can create new groups by saving your choice.

Now let me show you the actual resource management view. We start with the stuff view:

  • In the stuff view you see the timeline and the resource graphs. You can choose between two views: the cumulated view for a whole group or a separated view.
  • In light green you see the total available hours per person or group.
  • In dark green you see the booked hours.
  • Red: overbooked hours.
  • Yellow: Tasks from the past. So these are working packages which have a deadline < today.
  • Pointing your mouse on the charts shows you the detailed information per date.
  • Scrolling down you'll see the corresponding tasks within the chosen timeline.

Since the my resources tab is pretty self-explanatory I continue with the project view:

  • Choosing the project view affects the settings on the left. You now can no longer choose different persons, but different projects.
  • You'll get the information who is assigned to the chosen project.
  • Scroll down and you'll see timeline of tasks for this specific project.
  • You even can filter by person. Just check/uncheck the checkboxes.

And just to make sure that you are aware of this, since it might be too obvious to realize: The whole resource management is in real time. This means tracked hours are directly reflected in the calculations!

As you can imagine this really brings a whole new dimension in the project planning with todoyu.

Integrating the calendar module

As mentioned in the introduction the whole resource management it tightly connected with the calendar module.

In the newest calendar module (version 1.3.0) we clearly distinguish between resource management relevant and not relevant event types. Resource relevant events are holidays, vacations, compensation and general absences – all kind of events you are usually not available in the office. So during this time you're not working – at least you shouldn't ;-). So we subtract the duration of these events from your total available time.
Let me explain that by a little example: I officially work 8.2 hours per day. But tomorrow morning I have to go to the doctor for about an hour. So I add an event and choose the type "Absence" with duration 1 hour. Since this absence is during our core time my potential available working hours are reduced by one hour to 7.2 hours. This way the todoyu resource management is as close to reality as ever possible.

Isn't that really cool?



Check out the demo to find out if the resource management by todoyu is fitting your needs too.

Interested in this powerful feature?

The resource management module is only compatible with version 2.3 which will be available on 29.03.2013. For this reason the module is not yet available in the todoyu extension repository. For the early birds among you: If you have checked out the latest version (2.3 Beta) and if you are interested in this module, please get in touch with

Update (05.04.13): we are currently finishing the documentation and hope to have it ready in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for your patience.


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