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todoyu 2.2 RC2 released

A new release candidate of todoyu 2.2 is available for preview. The new version contains a lot of new features requested by the community.

Attention: this is only a release canditate. You can try the new features and adapt your custom extensions to the API changes. But you should not use this version on your working installation yet!

Some of the new features

  • Event series in calendar
  • Compact view for calendar (custom hour range and hide weekends)
  • Custom groups in staff selector
  • New task status "Waiting" for better workflows
  • Configuration for comment handling for customers
  • New filters for persons and companies in search area
  • and a lot more ...

The new version contains bug fixes and usability improvements which will make your daily work even more convinient.

A full feature list and update instructions will follow with the final release of todoyu 2.2 in the next weeks.

Bug reports

We fixed a lot of bugs in the last weeks. So the new version should be quite stable. If you find a new bug anyway, please report it to us.

Bug reports
Use our bugtracker on

Problems and questions
We will anwser all your questions in the todoyu forum on

Download latest version

The release candidate is available on sourceforge under "todoyu 2.2 (preview)"

Go to download page

Update instructions

There are no conflicts or problems updating from 2.1.x to 2.2. The update script will take care of all changes.

If you have installed commercial professional extensions, you should NOT update yet! Please wait until the latest compatible versions of the professional extensions that you are using are released in the tER, when releasing the stable 2.2. we will also make available the respective updates of all professional extensions.

Configure new rights

We introducted quite a few new rights in the new version (for all the extensions). You will have to go through your extensions in the rights configuration section of the system administration and update them where necessary.

Example: You have to set the rights for the new task status "Waiting"


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