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It is time to bring todoyu to the next level and form a proper creation for it. So we're looking for a CEO/Co-Founder for the launch of a todoyu-start-up company in the Zurich-Area. To bring todoyu to new markets and focus on a specific distribution of the OS and the commercial products of the system we want you as the one with the power and drive to get the new rocket into the air! We offer to participate in the company.

  • Your Tasks

    • Co-Founder of a new Swiss-Start-up
    • Executive Management
    • Further development of the business model
    • Building structure of distribution with a network of partners in the web-agency and software-developer environment
    • Structure a powerful team with marketing/sales and software development
    • External Representation
  • Our Requirements

    • We are looking for a man/woman of action and a creator with a lot of drive, passion and joy in building a new business.
    • As co-founder of this start-up you invest CHF 100'000 or more. Your financial investment also determines your share of the company.
    • You have high affinity for the internet and you are enthusiastic about B2B business-models in the web- and software-sector.
    • You have experience in business management with business study (degree or equivalent).
    • You speak and write english and german. French would be a plus.
    • Thrown into the deep of the free market economy based on the objectives of the business plan you put your energy into the realization. You love to work with flat hirarchies in a dynamic environment and think strategically of tomorrow and the future way of todoyu.

We offer... todoyu!

  • todoyu is already an established and mature OS task-management-system and even much more.
  • The Dev-Team is working together on todoyu for over 5 years and motivated to bring todoyu to the next level

Your Application

Do we have your attention now? Of course there's a lot to discuss. An initial interview will help us to answer all of your questions and to have a look if it 'fits'. We are aware that a start-up formation is predictable, but still a big adventure, we are ready for it... and you? If yes, please contact:

Adrian Zimmermann (CEO), snowflake productions gmbh, +41 44 455 80 80


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  • Rasih ÇAĞLAYAN02.03.2012

    Hi, i made a jingle for Todoyu. I hope you enjoy.You can download jingle from following url :

  • Kay28.09.2011

    Hi Sergey, this varies from system to system, but i added an example into the post.

  • Dominic12.08.2011

    ... then stop eating these little pills your brother gave you...

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