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Maybe you'll call me a real geek, but honestly, the more I work with todoyu the more I love her it.


Ok, there is place for improvement and it is not (yet) perfect. But I have learnt in the last years that's the case with every love...

I love working with todoyu because it really let's me do my work the way I want: With the powerful filters and the new sorting possibilities I can organize my daily business very efficiently. Any time I know what I have to do and how I have to plan my next days and weeks. The reportings give me all the information I need to manage my team protectively and to find out which project run smooth and which one was a mess. So todoyu helps me to do a good job.

In the past I have realised the following: When people start evaluating todoyu, they not always see the real power and beauty of this project management system. So it is hard for them to fall in love with todoyu. This might be due to the lack of nice videos showing the system (yes, we are working on this). But mostly it is due to the fact that the real power is only awaken as soon as one sees the system in full "operating state". To be able to show you a system which reflects a real live example we have worked hard on an improved demo installation.

Try the new demo installation for YOU with lots of data

In the demo installation we now have a real working example. We have more than 2'000 projects, about 115'600 tasks, around 13'720'000 minutes of tracked work and several thousands invoices. We have a few hundreds persons and companies available,12'688 comments and 1'391 of them are waiting for feedback and we have more than 134'000 meetings and other agenda entries in the calendar.

With this huge data set you have a great playground for trying it out.

See professional extensions in action

To show you the full functionality of todoyu we also have integrated a bunch of professional extensions which are usually only available if you buy them: Project Billing, iCal Export, Reports, Burn Down Charts.

We not only implemented them, but also configured them the way we believe they demonstrate you the best the power of this open source project management system

Additionally we have added the module Resources which is just a proof of concept. It works, but it is not fully translated and the styling is just quick. But it will give you a rough insight of what we are currently working at.

You'll like todoyu with all these great features.

Play with different and roles

To show you also the elaborated rights management we implemented several roles: Administrator, Project Manager, Employee, Customer. Play with these roles to see how easy it is to fine tune todoyu to your individual needs.

Time to give it a try and fall in love

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  • Rasih ÇAĞLAYAN02.03.2012

    Hi, i made a jingle for Todoyu. I hope you enjoy.You can download jingle from following url :

  • Kay28.09.2011

    Hi Sergey, this varies from system to system, but i added an example into the post.

  • Dominic12.08.2011

    ... then stop eating these little pills your brother gave you...

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