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With the release of the maintenance version 2.1.3 we fixed lots of bugs and solved some issues with newer browser versions. In addition several UI improvements were made.

All in all we fixed 80 errors and compatibility problems with newer browser versions. With the support of the latest browsers we also introduced CSS3 and therewith reduced quite some CSS code. This leads to a reduced loading time, faster rendering in the browsers and a simplified maintenance for upcoming versions.

In addition todoyu is now also available in Polish (many thanks to Michał Wyczałek) and the installer is also fully translated in Serbian.

A list of all changes is available here:

Enjoy it - and many thanks for your contributions, bug reports and translations!

Download todoyu now!


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  • Rasih ÇAĞLAYAN02.03.2012

    Hi, i made a jingle for Todoyu. I hope you enjoy.You can download jingle from following url :

  • Kay28.09.2011

    Hi Sergey, this varies from system to system, but i added an example into the post.

  • Dominic12.08.2011

    ... then stop eating these little pills your brother gave you...

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