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The basics

Often I hear about the very basic problem that users can't edit a task or a project. That's because on websites you're looking for a button to click to start an action. But todoyu isn't a simple website, so there isn't always a button to click. As in desktop applications, you can use the context menu (right mouse click) to see a list of available commands.

Context menus are available on several elements inside of todoyu, for example on tasks, projects or events. The context menu for an element can be extended very easy by extensions.

The available options in the task context menu can depend on your rights, the current status of the task itself or other factors. So you won't always see all possible options.

Copy & Paste

A very powerful feature is copy & paste for tasks. Under the “Task ...” option you'll find more options like “Copy” and “Cut”. As soon as you have selected one of these options, a new option “Paste task …” appears in the first level of the task context menu, when you open the context menu on another task. Now you can choose the position how to paste the task.

Pasting a task is only available in project view, but you can paste it into every project you open. You can even open todoyu in a new tab and paste the task there. When you select to copy a task which has subtasks, todoyu will ask you, if you want to copy all the subtasks too. So it's quite easy to restructure your task tree in the project view. You can't paste a task in the portal, because there are only lists of filtered tasks, so you only can cut or copy them from there.

Here you will find a context menu in todoyu

  • task
  • project
  • bookmark
  • daytrack
  • event
  • the free calendar area

For the extension developers out there

It's very easy to extend an existing context menu or even create a new type for your own elements. To extend a context menu, just add your callback function for the menu type. To extend the task context menu, add the following line to your init.php file:

TodoyuContextMenuManager::addFunction('Task', 'MyClass::getMyCustomContextItems');

The easiest way is to have a look at the existing callback functions and copy some of their functionality. You'll get the task ID and the current list of menu items as parameters in your function. So you can add, modify or remove menu items depending on the context element and the users permissions.


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