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todoyu Extension Repository (tER) is open!

With the launch of the todoyu Extension Repository (tER), our project and task management software has now a marketplace with free and premium add-ons enabling you to extend the feature-set of your system even further.

This is a major milestone we have achieved with todoyu. Now we can add even more features according to our user's feedback and wish-list, without compromising the sleek and secure core product and having a great overall performance.

We are glad to hear from you how you like the new marketplace.

Explore Marketplace at

The fastest way to explore the new marketplace is by visiting our website The new menu tER in the main navigation already awaits you there.

The todoyu Extensions Repository (tER) launches with 6 extensions, more will be added from time to time. You can search for keywords, browse in categories, download the free extensions as .zip archive right away (no login required) and also add the professional extensions with a price tag to the shopping basket.

To buy a professional extension, you are asked to create an account with your profile including user name and password. The license to use the paid extensions is bound to your profile. For payment we use PayPal only, allowing you a secure payment accepting all major credit cards.

>> Explore new extensions at the marketplace
>> Register a new user account

Browse Market as Admin

If you are the administrator, then there is even a simpler way to get to the marketplace: within the admin modules, go to "Extensions" and you will discover a new tab called "Browse Market".

Having the complete todoyu Extensions Repository right at your fingertips: you can buy and install extensions to you system right away. It's that easy... and it must feel very familiar to users of the App Store or Android Marketplace, right? Give it a try.

3 New Professional Extensions

The todoyu Extension Repository launches with these 3 professional extensions to buy:

Burn Down Report
The burn down chart helps you keeping track of your remaining workload still to complete, and to analyze it against the approaching project's deadline. For a professional and efficient work planning. Price: US$ 10.

Calendar Export (iCalendar)
Sync your personal calendar in todoyu with your smartphone and other calendar tools you use, e.g. Google Calendar. It allows you to subscribe to your todoyu calendar in standard iCal format. Price: US$ 75.

Project Billing
Extend todoyu to create invoices, based on either price tags or tracked time data of tasks in your projects. There are adjustable hourly rates, different price-sets for your various clients, a workflow for approval and many more features. A complete invoicing software, but integrated directly into todoyu. Price: US$ 499.

>> Professional extensions at the marketplace

And 3 Free Extensions

And we also published 3 free extensions:

Reporting Framework
Create all kinds of charts and reports from your data in todoyu. For example a chart with workload per project, a report with time tracked per staff, or a comparison between estimated time and tracked time... just to give a few ideas.

Enable currency data in todoyu and add up to 162 countries with their currencies, including exchange rates.

Developer Tools
As developer, this helpful extension will assist you with additional information display for debugging, view current session data, clear todoyu cache, login as different user.

>> Free extensions at the marketplace

Update: todoyu 2.1.1

To benefit of all the new extensions and access to the todoyu Extension Repository, make sure you use the latest todoyu version 2.1.1.

>> Download todoyu 2.1.1


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