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With support of Open Source Press in Germany, we published the official todoyu user guide book in German language earlier this year. It has become a popular written assistant for beginners, project managers, team members, server admins and web developers alike. We are pleased to make a copy available as a free giveaway to a lucky winner at our Facebook promotion campaign.

If you like todoyu, and you like us at Facebook too, plus register to the free giveaway promotion, you could be the winner of the book by Wednesday 5 October 2011 (11:59pm CEST).

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And if you prefer to buy the book anyway, you can do so at Open Source Press and also at Amazon. Each purchase supports the open source project, making the software available as free download to you. Thank you.

Note: the todoyu book is available in German language only.

todoyu book cover

We have published the source code of todoyu as free download at the popular free software catalogue since we launched todoyu 2.0 back in May 2010 (and beta versions before that).

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out which country achieved how many downloads? Where do we find most todoyu users, and why? To get answers, I searched in the downloads stats. Here an insight:

Facts first

I compared 3 half-year periods: January-June 2011, July-December 2010 and January-June 2010.

The positive news first: the number of downloads are growing over time. From 1st to 2nd period 24%, then 2nd to 3rd period 18% to a total of 8920 downloads per half-year.

Top10 countries

The list of countries in the Top10 download chart remained fairly stable. This is the current raking including number of downloads:

1) Germany: 1341
2) United States: 949
3) China: 599
3) Brazil: 599
5) India: 482
6) France: 399
7) Switzerland: 346
8) Italy: 323
9) United Kingdom: 288
10) Indonesia: 284

Available languages

While todoyu was available in Brazilian Portuguese since the very beginning due to efforts made by the community in Brazil, todoyu is not translated into Chinese yet. Quite amazing to me, that both countries had exact the same number of downloads in the last half-year period.

In a recent trip to Shanghai, I get to know that todoyu was discussed in Chinese forums and local social networking services. I assume the rather high number of downloads are a result of such activity.

Also for Indonesia, the software is not available in Indonesian language yet. Still the country made it into the Top10. For all other Top10 countries, a localized version of todoyu is available: German, English, French, Italian.

More languages, more downloads?

One factor for a big number of downloads is certainly the sheer size of a country, but also if people can use todoyu in their native language. While Switzerland is rather small in size, it's listed in the Top10. There must be also a home field advantage as todoyu is software "Made in Switzerland".

For the Top3 country still without localization I have good news to report: last week I started with a new community member in China to work on the Chinese translation. Hopefully we can add the 13th language to todoyu in the near future.

To easily overview your pending appointments, todoyu has a dedicated events tab, listing your upcoming events in the portal. Additionally there is a very useful feature, helping you to really not forget any appointment or the preparation for it: automatic event reminders sent to you via email.

todoyu event reminder email

To automate repetitive tasks, such as automatically sending reminder emails, there is an inbuilt scheduler service in todoyu. To use the scheduler, on the server where todoyu runs, a cron job must be set up to repetively call the todoyu scheduler.

Cron job configuration

  • PHP scheduler script to be called: core/cli/scheduler.phpsh
  • Interval: every five minutes

Example crontab

Please note: cron table files vary from system to system. Please ask your server administrator to learn the details for your system.

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/php -f

If your todoyu installation is hosted on a virtual hosting domain, then the administrator at your provider has to set up your cron tabs for you. 

Please note: Setting up cron jobs should generally be done by the system administrator.

If you want to take advantage of this helpful feature but your host does not support cron jobs, or you simply don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a cron job, you can also sign-up for one of the todoyu SaaS packages:

Activating event reminder emails

Once having the scheduler cron job running, you need to activate the event remider mailing in the calendar extension. To do this, go to the system adminstration area of todoyu (using the cogwheel icon from the todoyu headlets bar) and open the configuration of the calendar extension. Over here check the "Activate event reminders per email" option.

Event reminder rights

By activating the "Use reminder mailing" right,  selected usergroups are enabled to receive and schedule email reminders of events. This is done in the Calendar options of the roles and rights module of the system administration area.

To control whether, when and to whom send reminder emails, todoyu provides a multi-level configuration:

  • A general preset of how long before each event the respective reminder emails will be sent. This is set up in the "System default email reminder" option of the configuration of the calendar extension. Users that have not chosen/saved any reminder preference in their profile are receiving the email reminder as configured by this setting.
  • Every user (with access to todoyu and the calendar module / reminders) can configure his personal general preference whether and how long before each event to receive reminder emails. This is done by the individual user, in his todoyu profile (open your profile via the person icon in the headlets bar and go to the "Event reminders" tab of the "Calendar" module in your profile).
  • Every user (with access to todoyu and the calendar module / reminders) can schedule the email reminder for every single event he participates in individually. This can be done by editing the event, or quickly via the event context menu:



Scheduling single event email reminders individually via the event context menu

When a new event is created, a reminder is being scheduled to be mailed to all participating persons having the right to receive reminders and having the email reminding option activated in their profile. 

Every user with email reminder access rights, can change the reminding schedule for every particular event. This way, you can configure todoyu to remind you of every upcoming event e.g. the day before, and of special events that need more preparation for example one week in advance.

An important aspect of project management is the communication of ongoing projects and related tasks with all involved parties: team members, clients and outsourcing partners.
todoyu enables you to communicate information and questions with the help of task comments.

Task Comments

All comments are created and stored inside the task's "comments" tab.
If a task is not commented yet, opening the comment's tab, automatically opens the form for writing a new comment.

Requesting Feedbacks

So called feedbacks are task comments, which are addressed to other persons of the company or project. The addressed persons will then be notified about outstanding feedbacks in the "feedbacks" tab of the portal area.

Persons with addressed feedback-requests, are listed in the header of each comment. If a person has not confirmed or answered the feedback request, his name will be marked with a star icon. Cleared feedback requests are marked with a green tick icon.

Comments with new feedback requests are displayed to the person whom the feedback is requested from, marked with a star icon. The addressed person can then write back a feedback, or just confirm the received comment as being read by clicking the star icon.

Exchanging feedbacks with clients

We have repeatedly had the problem that team members were addressing feedbacks to clients and for some reason the client did not see the sender person in their feedback persons list- so the customer was not able to address his feedback to the desired person. There actually is a good reason for this behavior: todoyu's control of data visibility. All internal data, for example the internal persons, are by default hidden from the view of non-internal persons (like customers).

Within the settings of each project you'll find an option to enable customers to see  selected internal persons and address feedbacks to them: open the project settings and select the "Project member is visible for externals" option for the respective persons.


Psst! Can you hear it? No?


Some of us already hear todoyu singing, drumming, trilling, jamming, whispering, ringing, screaming, twittering... To bring this to others too we are looking for the perfect todoyu sound.

Specifically we are searching for the perfect jingle for the upcoming todoyu videos (e.g. tutorials) meeting the following critiera:

  • The jingle must be loopable
  • Duration should be 15-30 seconds
  • The jingle must be available under Creative Commons License
  • You can produce the jingle on your own, or ask your friends, or ...

Please send your jingle to until August 24 2011 by email. To win: Honor and fame (and a little surprise).

The todoyu team is looking forward to your creative ideas! And we hope we can make todoyu audible for everyone.


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