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todoyu Ecosystem

Free Extensions, Pay Extensions for Professionals and
SaaS Packages

The core of the todoyu software will always be free to download and free to use. Therefore snowflake has published the source code under the open source new BSD license.

We want to build a vital ecosystem around todoyu because project management and workflows is very different case by case. An open source system allows you to change and to customize. We want to provide the developer community a plattform to upload and showcase such extensions, additional features and also integration to various other software tools.

snowflake itself will focus on these areas of the todoyu ecosystem:

  • Free Community Extensions
    We have already many ideas about features to expand todoyu. We will publish many of them as free extensions.
  • Pay Extensions for Professional Users
    For the business user of todoyu, we will soon publish professional extensions with a price tag: resource planning to manage your team and billing for sending invoices. These professional extensions you will be able to buy here at If a developer creates own professional extensions, we have the shop open for them to join and showcase their extensions in the store, too.
  • SaaS Packages
    snowflake offers todoyu SaaS packages without the need of having to install and host the software by yourself.

Commitment to Open Source

People keep asking us: "Will todoyu be still free to download also in the future?". Our clear answer is: YES.

snowflake is strongly commited to open source, it's community and free software. We guarantee you that the source it will stay free for you to download. Our business model is based on pay extensions mainly for professional use (e.g. billing, resource planning). Furthermore, we offer SaaS packages for users looking for a way to get todoyu without having to install and host it by themselves.

The software, the core of todoyu, is and will be free to download for everyone.

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